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      Hey community, I'm currently running some tests to debug some specific stuff, that will may result in bot crashes sooner or later. I'm sorry for that for now.
      This will increase the stability of the bot in the end. Greetings


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  1. Bring back the downvotes

    Downvotes button was removed because ppl tend to abuse it
  2. Introduce my self

    Welcome @HazelNuts ! i hope you will enjoy time spent here ! If we can assist you with anything, feel free to PM me or any other staff members !
  3. arayomi

    banned 3 days on forum
  4. Staff application

    What is that? there is no such a thing as cow lvl !
  5. Staff application

    application approved Dont screw it up this time Welcome
  6. Unnecessary drama

    Hello dear Dota.Vision members and not only, recently a lot of players from another bot came around and with them a LOT of drama, we welcome everyone here, we try to provide best hosting services for everyone but we don`t tolerate any DRAMA or any kind of accusations. Is not our problem what happens somewhere else, we take serious only what happen on our forums and bots. Please, understand a thing, we dont want any DRAMA here. Consider this a fresh start and dont forget to read the rules Best regards, Dota.Vision Staff Team
  7. Bunek

    3k bitch please
  8. Bunek

    u must ruin my day, dont you?!
  9. Bunek

    except me, cuz im admin not mod
  10. HVA

    he is using some spam bots, simply type /dnd and he wont be able to /w you
  11. HVA

    Sorry but this didnt happen on our bot we have OHS tag not BK
  12. Multiple Offender 10/09

    SplendidPraiser - 5 weeks Flame on game and flame on forum ricegum1 - 3 days
  13. Resignation

    Happy birthday @GriefCode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. New Rule: Lane calling

    When you start playing in a community is your duty to read the rules
  15. Stats Reset