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  1. There was bot with AutoBalance. How many of you guys joineD? NONE. bot was up for few weeks, not a single game because ppl like to stack. Simple as that.
  2. Hi Shawn, im glad you filled up this staff app. However, let us know more about you, more forum activity and "stack" with staff members on games and teamspeak3 client. Lets discuss about this in a month. Kind regards, CryWolf
  3. Baguette invasion wtf
  4. Let us see more activity on forum/discord side and we will discuss about this in 1 month.
  5. You cant see only the replays from current patch. In order to see old replays ( patch 1.27x ) you need to downgrade your Warcraft version. There is a tool called Warcraft III Version Switcher, you should be able to find latest one and change War3 version with a simple click
  6. Run warcraft as admin
  7. indeed my bad
  8. You can archive the file and upload
  9. i did some research on battlenet forums, seems like a lot of MAC users have this problem...
  10. Known Issues Players must run as admin during patching process Players with Mac 10.11 may need to restart their computer the first time after patching/installing to successfully run the game Source :
  11. is a patch related bug. Happes with Healing pots also and urn
  12. Why not make some videos with funny situations or pro stituation - WuDota style Nobody will spend 45 min to watch a full replay
  13. Go Options -> video -> uncheck Fix Aspect Ratio -> GIT GUD Run Warcraft as admin