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  1. Is a glitch of the map, a bug. Bug abuse is banable. Simple as that
  2. This. Someone ban that Mofo 2 days for bug abuse. I'm not at PC atm @bunek
  3. I will join if u delete @Graou
  4. no disconnects ? played 2 games with you, u got DC in both
  5. he make sange and yasha first item on ye...he supporting cuz no way to carry with that
  6. happy birthday to you too
  7. Happy Birthday @kakapo ! All the best ! And stop abusing kiwis
  8. Erdogan took them
  9. 76
  10. You the real sheet Mon!
  11. Say no more !Pban haribo noob
  12. What you guys don't understand here is the word VOTE. You can't force someone to vote how you want. Bunek did nothing wrong, he was his choice not to vote yes. Also is against the rules to vote kick someone who didn't feed on porpouse. As a matter of fact, if you want to be a fair bot you should be banned for what you did
  13. What is that picture? There is no such a think! THERE IS NO COW LEVEL
  14. U want pban? :))
  15. haxZOR-