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  1. I agree, but my point still stands, @CryWolf said bug abuse is bannable, but seems to be drawing a line at Techies, but not Linkens.
  2. Funny, I dont see people getting banned for using couriers on mines.
  3. But EVERY. SINGLE. PLAYER. can use it.
  4. Lol he lost 2 games as bara, both against me hahaha
  5. Based on what exactly?
  6. Mhmm, couldnt find your name in the top 25, surely that is a mistake by OHS, right?
  7. Nope, you cant see APM of the other team's players
  8. Well, I would like to rewatch the replay but I can't, always get an error when I try and download it, anyway the Geo in the game, whenever he poofed, they all poofed at the same time (atleast it looks that way), and his dagger-poof combo is just messed up, so If you wouldnt mind taking a look at the game, I would appreciate it. Ill tag some people who might be interested: @Gajtan @God_hate_us_all @razor- @CastelNault.
  9. Yeah goodluck with that
  10. Thing is, I never said I would support, then pick SF and go mid.
  11. Did you knock your head? What does that even mean lol.
  12. And thats why I only support mates.
  13. Riki and Thrall are pretty good against him tbh.
  14. My favourite Mod, happy birthday. Let me post a mandotary picture: Click to choose files
  15. Does sound like something He would do.