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  1. Dota Vision Youtube Channel Opening

    Are we really celebrating triple kills?
  2. Bunek

    If you had to be good at DotA to be an admin, none of our current staff would be Mods
  3. Resignation

    Man, I was about to celebrate...Fuck you. Jk, TBH you scared me a little bit.
  4. Introduce my self

    Get a room you 2
  5. Introduce my self

    I have a Smurf called Puzzles I believe...but Im a virgin, so youre clearly not talking about me.
  6. I don't understand any of these references.
  7. You arrogants piece of shit idiots

    So you 2 are the trolls? I'm not sure which party is more pathetic lol.
  8. My DotA movie :)

    This the game you talking about? https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=65029 ? Youre asking for them to ban Gajtan because what? You dont have a clue on how Tinker works? Lets just ban all the good players on OHS why dont we?
  9. My DotA movie :)

    Lapio, you think @Gajtanuses these 'Automatic keyboard' when he rapes you with Tinker?
  10. My DotA movie :)

    Well, Im not sure I can help with the delay, but whenever youre interested, I can do some games.
  11. My DotA movie :)

    Well enough talk about this, we are derailing your own thread xD, Do you still play on OHS.
  12. My DotA movie :)

    Yeah I can see the white bars, thought you did that yourself with some edits or some shit ^^
  13. My DotA movie :)

    What theme you using?
  14. My DotA movie :)

    Ah and I was just starting to think I was a decent player...THEN I see this and realise I aint shit Great video, that Sunstrike+Meteor+Blast combo on that mirana where she leapt xD. the invoker plays were the best IMO.
  15. You arrogants piece of shit idiots

    Looking at that chat report, looks like you will be fucking alot of people, just make sure you use protection. Also I hope that guys sister isnt underage, we dont want you to end up a pedo right? TBH you guys sound like youre made for each other, neither of you were in the right and you both acted like little kids, He got to you with one of the worst displays of trolling I've seen and yet you still fell for it like a sucker. Hook, line and sinker. When you applied for a Mod position I recall pointing out how your flaming wasnt an attirbute that an admin should have and you told me that it was your brother, who used your account that was the one flaming. I never believed it, and this just kinda confirms it. I've smurfed against you and youre default stance when losing is to threaten to fuck peoples sisters, or their mothers. You say youre 29 years old? Congrats on almost becoming a wizard I guess? P.S you getting a endorsement from our very own @FALENGA_N really isnt working out for you considering his reputation.