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  1. Im not one to turn down a free meal, thank you.
  2. Dont take this the wrong way, but I think the activity thing is way worse than what is was before.
  3. @Sexual_Noob Haha, sounds like him, but no, I still play just not on storm really. I just smurf these days
  4. Of course! but I dont play much of Storm- anymore
  5. If you become a mod, will you do sexual things to me?
  6. Question: Since when are you helpful? This a new side to you mate ?
  7. Says I dont have permissiom to view this page.
  8. Tried to log into Battlenet today, but each time I tried, I wasnt able to. Can connect to the other servers fine, just not the Northrend Server. Anyone else experiencing this?
  9. Why dont we do ELO like they do in dota 2? 25 points for a win, and -25 for a loss. Obviously, this could just encourage stackers.
  10. Hey! I didnt do shit.
  11. @Larz Maybe, have a votekick against a player, have a pause time or something, so you cant start the same votekick again straight away?
  12. The thing was, that he clearly didnt care whether he got banned. I just want a way to start a votekick, when there is already another one in progress, or something, because he kept spamming it, that we never got a chance to Vote kick him, which is why he did it, so he could continue to game ruin and feed.
  13. I object, You propose a guessing game, then you dont give us a chance to guess who was back. Welcome Back!