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  1. You are my favorite frenchman [Just dont tell Graou, he will get jealous]
  2. I find him to be absolutely hilarious, but he says morsel not piece I wasnt even mad when he killed me once, I just laughed like a madman
  3. Dont sell yourself short, we need a man of your expertise
  4. You heard him lads, Lapio has just asked to be banned, I say we honor his wishes.
  5. Dota to some people is farmville...
  6. This is clearly encrypted code, we need @Miracium to solve it
  7. Well, noone expected it to happen to you mate
  8. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery But no, 2 ways of knowing its not me are: 1) I never play Techies 2) I wouldnt be caught dead in the same team as G.0.D
  9. Atleast my humor isnt lost on you
  10. You misunderstand me mate, Duflo said that it was only effecting the top players on ohs, which I joked that I was fine, implying that I was one of them, but since it didnt effect me, Im clearly not one of the top players 2017 and still explaining jokes, feels bad man.
  11. Then why am I fine? wait does this mean.... FUCK!
  12. NVM, Got the replays to work, thanks tho everyone. @Leviosa Took me awhile to figure it out
  13. This is what my folder looks like ATM
  14. Well, I copied both the map file and replay file I found there into my WC3 folder, but still no luck.