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  1. Report player

    It was around the 60th minute.
  2. Stats Reset

    If we keep at it, we might be able to trick Grief into telling us who it was.
  3. Stats Reset

    Deflecting? WAS IT YOU? ANSWER ME!
  4. Complaining about PICKS on APEM

    Pfft, You clearly haven't seen @Gajtan and what he does to Meepos with his Tiny.
  5. Fat Pudge? Fat Pudge!

    Kinda scores you get isn't it?
  6. Fat Pudge? Fat Pudge!

    Its almost like this is in the thread 'random bullshittery'. We have an owner and a head admin who don't even know what their threads are for LMAO
  7. https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=57000 117 added STR, Over 6k hp with only 1 heart
  8. Deleted from the game

    Yeah I can confirm, I was in that game with him. He went for 2 Divines, the absolute madman. Ended up with a 25-0 score, and 2 rampages, seems kinda harsh that it he got deleted from the game.
  9. Unbann

    Weird, thats the account he plays on.
  10. IF you're to lazy to report him/her, when its already so bloody easy, maybe you shouldn't even bother. It takes like 3 clicks...
  11. Unbann

    His nick his 13ear...
  12. Storm- ban appeal

    Takes one to know one