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  1. I approve and support your words!
  2. Hello @SuckerPunchSally! First things first, we're all very glad to see that there exist enthusiast people, like you, who want to actively contribute for the betterness of our community. From what I can understand, you were in contact with @APO in order to proceed for a staff application. Since the merge of the two communities into Dota Vision took place, both @APO and @GriefCode are in charge of this place. That being said, @CryWolf is one of the oldest staff members of Dota Vision (previously named OHS) - if not THE oldest active staff member around. All he suggested was that you be a bit more active around this place in order for everyone to get to know you better. Please don't misunderstand his intentions. To sum this up, it would be really helpfull if @APO could comment here in order to say whether he still places his confidence in your skills and abilities. For the time being, everybody else can't say otherwise simply because we don't know you.
  3. It's good to see that some strong friendships are being forged through our community's forum and playground! That's the spirit! I'm very pleased to see these pics! Although I insist that you should ask for a bank account full of money instead of know.....These faggots have all our money after all 😛😛!!!
  4. Approve and support!
  5. I would gladly support you and give you a chance to have a trial period, in order to evaluate your abilities/skills/performance as a Game Moderator.
  6. We do not ban the use of courier as a means to break Techies mines.
  7. Gentlemen, cmon now! What's the point of arguing over these things now? This post was not created in order to discuss how much op meepo is or not. Blizzard has - more or less - abandoned this game over the last years. There are many op spells and combinations overall in this map and all we can know for certain is that there are no plans for any major fixes and balances in the near future. Why argue now as of why meepo is op or not? Same thing could be said for slark passive (which was even more OP when he was first released, if you recall), for LC, for Bara charge etc etc. Or should I mention some terrible hero nerfs over the years (F.e. Lucifer)? Or should I recall the VERY OP old Naix with 20 sec bkb + dmg Ultimate? It's an interesting conversation but it's a different topic. I am in 100% should anyone wants to discuss such stories but this topic is definitely not meant to raise personal conflicts. Keep it calm and behave yourselves - there's no need to boil your blood over such things.
  8. Hello @God_hate_us_all! As @BatNut said, it's all a matter of time until Grief finishes setting up everything back to normal. Players like him will be taken care of. As of your lost points I really don't know if something can be done about it, but maybe there could be a fresh start/reset of stats when the league bots will be fully functional. I really can't say more since I, honestly, don't know but @GriefCode could maybe enlighten us more in this theme.