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  1. Greetings to you all, fellow members of DV! Blizzard has decided to offer for free the all-time-classic strategy game "StarCraft" alongside the expansion/patch which offers some improvements to the game. The reason for this is the remastered 4K version of the game which will be launched later this year. Link to download the game: Link to the patch and details: Regards, Ominus
  2. Very good job @GriefCode! Thank you for providing a constant stability to our great community!
  3. IP bans are the last resort ban. Also banning IP's is tricky. How many digits of the IP will you ban f.e.? The less digits you include the greater the ban range is. The more digits you ban the more specific the ban is but the greater the risk of a ban avoid is. Also there's always the risk of a VPN-IP redirection. Long story short, if we start banning bigger IP ranges - as a means to achieve more effective bans - we will end up losing more than we gain. Of course, this doesn't mean that we sit with our hands tied but - trust me - at the end of the day, if someone wants to ban avoid he can find the means to do so.
  4. Hello there @Leviosa! From what I can see we're talking here about two different accounts. Most probably the second one being a smurf account of the very same person. "the_baltazartv" account was indeed banned thanks to that older post of yours. This players' account is named "thebaltazartv" and if you pay closer attention you'll see that the difference is this bottom dash " _ ". However, thank you for this post and your follow-up notice. Further actions will be taken. @APO could you please look further into this case? Regards, Ominus
  5. Just watched the replay and confirmed the accusation. It's really sad to see how childish can some people be. Just a few days ago that very same player approached me via p.m. in order to ask me whether his ban could be lifted. He also mentioned that he was unaware of the prohibition of using meepobot in our services and that he wouldn't do it again. Sadly, he confirms the general thumb rule: "Once a hacker - always a hacker". @APO could you please proceed with his permanent IP ban? That guy's a helpless case. Thanks for the report @Leviosa! Enjoy your games in our services and keep helping us whenever possible! Regards, Ominus
  6. Hello @BEHINDU:) and thank's for taking your time to fill in this "application". First things first, this is neither a formal nor an acceptable application to join the Staff team of DV. You should fill in the proper information about yourself and your management qualifications. Take as an example staff applications filled in previously if that may help you. Furthermore, you cannot have high hopes of achieving anything if your first sentence in your staff application contains this much hateful content. Our role as staff members is not to kick people from games. That goes without question and is an extreme action measure only. So I'd recommend that you refrain from this way of thinking. My recommendation would be to ask yourself whether you believe that you're truly qualified for this role and if you can handle it. During the next irritating incident that you happen to come by in a game, just think of how you'd act. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and think clearly how would be the proper way to act. That's the first step to achievement - to get to know yourself better. For the time being, I'm sorry but I'll have to deny this staff application. I hope you don't misunderstand my explanation and my goodwill intentions. Best regards, Ominus
  7. @yourMOMisUGLY even if someone uploads a whole movie of dota gameplays it's still no proof that he doesn't play with maphack. Suggestions like these are - at least - unprofessional. Every older staff member around has both the experience and the patience to judge fairly and unbiazed every situation - for that I can assure you. And just to be clear, the reason why some people who are prime suspects for maphack are not banned sooner is simply because we wait patiently to gather more details in order to execute an - almost - 100% legit ban without having any griefs that we may have been wrong in the process. Buubs has been for a long time on our suspect list but nonetheless we are neither cops nor executioners here. We want everyone to enjoy playing in our services and we try to handle every situation with the outmost professionalism. Excuses like "I am pro in fortunetelling" - "I can upload a movie of my life to prove my innocence" - "I ain't a hacker - let's call a public meeting to support my thesis" are definitely not leading anywhere. I will repeat once more, please everybody refrain from making this post a public drama with senseless conflict and mass spam. I understand that many may want to have a saying and participate in this topic but please hold your horses and be patient spectators. That would be all Thank you
  8. First of all you will not make this post a public drama scenario. Funny how you kiddos tend to utilize every drop of unethical behavior to achieve your goals. Gosh... Second, the names of the people you mentioned are not the ones to judge your actions - we are the ones in charge to do so. Indeed, min 25 was a 50-50 chance to guess right and you simply chose the most unpredictable place to spam your spells. It's nice that you try to defend yourself through pure chances alone but the total opposite could be said against your claim too - why did you spam your spells while in fog with this certainty AND in the place least possible for someone to have fled to? 29 min was a pure "wait for the victim to come" scenario. Also, who the hell would come to Krobelus' rescue? Scourge team fled back with their tails behind their legs after the failed assault in bot lane's tower. Who could possibly think that someone would come to his aid - especially when the whole Sentinel team is hunting him - in the Sentinel woods too, aka deep enemy territory - and it's only a matter of seconds before they kill him. But hell NO - you did see through them! It's also pretty convenient to claim that you foresaw ahead of the tide of battle - remind me next time to call you if I ever need a fortuneteller. Also, should I even bother to say that you're the second hacker I see to call the crap about "being able to predict the future"? One of the names you listed above claimed something similar in the past. Funny how you people tend to approach to evidence. 33 min was a safe move? Safe you mean because you had your invisibility ON and just headed towards the fog of war to find Nortrom who could be anywhere after so many seconds had passed since he vanished in the fog of war? I could only ask you about your definition of "safe" just to make my afternoon but I won't do so. If you think that utilizing maphack the way you do - "aka farming while waiting for the opportune moment to strike" - is enough to justify you and put you on the safe side then you're completely mistaken mate . There's always someone who will watch through you - for that you can rest assured. This case is closed. Any more senseless spamming will result in topic closure too. If you have anything more to say which is related to our verdict then you're more than welcome to do so. The rest please refrain from replying to this topic.
  9. We will come with a full reply on your case @Buubs. If you think that you're "just too good for DV" then that's entirely up to your way of thinking. You may also think that you're the dominator of all the known universe - it doesn't mean that we should applause you for saying that. Being humble is a virtue - I hope that you'll not learn this in your real life the hard way. Consider this a friendly advice. On your current subject, just be a little more patient until we come with a final verdict. Regards, Ominus
  10. Hello gents! Yes, there are future plans for hosting a competitive league system but as of now, our developer (Grief-Code) has prioritized some other crucial stuff which will contribute to the betterness of everybody's gaming pleasure. I can't say more for the time being but rest assured that the DV League System is on it's way. Nonetheless, my reply does not answer directly to your question @Seki, since you asked whether it's possible to host a bot which meets specific ELO criteria (in order for someone to be able to join it). It's not about whether it's possible for such a bot to be hosted - it's about whether people are actually willing to join it. Time has proven that people are much more interested towards joining the regular -APEM bot. Even those with higher ELO rating. I guess that the League System will have a structural construct that will not hinder the general preferences of the majority of our playerpool (aka to join the -APEM bot) - yet it will offer this competitive environment that many people, including you, crave for. I hope this helped ! For more detailed info @GriefCode can definitely assist you better.
  11. I approve and support your words!
  12. Hello @SuckerPunchSally! First things first, we're all very glad to see that there exist enthusiast people, like you, who want to actively contribute for the betterness of our community. From what I can understand, you were in contact with @APO in order to proceed for a staff application. Since the merge of the two communities into Dota Vision took place, both @APO and @GriefCode are in charge of this place. That being said, @CryWolf is one of the oldest staff members of Dota Vision (previously named OHS) - if not THE oldest active staff member around. All he suggested was that you be a bit more active around this place in order for everyone to get to know you better. Please don't misunderstand his intentions. To sum this up, it would be really helpfull if @APO could comment here in order to say whether he still places his confidence in your skills and abilities. For the time being, everybody else can't say otherwise simply because we don't know you.
  13. It's good to see that some strong friendships are being forged through our community's forum and playground! That's the spirit! I'm very pleased to see these pics! Although I insist that you should ask for a bank account full of money instead of know.....These faggots have all our money after all 😛😛!!!
  14. Approve and support!
  15. I would gladly support you and give you a chance to have a trial period, in order to evaluate your abilities/skills/performance as a Game Moderator.