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  1. Happy Birthday Gajtan! And thanks for the BDay wishes everyone
  2. Happy Father's Day! : )
  3. Hi assassassassin, Thank you for your application to become a Mod for the greatest DotA community in history. The best way to help us out is to do the following; *Be active in the forum - give ideas / suggestions as to how we can do things better or smoother *Ban Reports - Give us your thoughts as to how you would proceed in each individual case *Show gamesmanship / sportsmanship and positive behaviour during games *Assist players if they have questions in game or out If you are serious about joining Staff, we additionally need *Who are you? What kind of person are you? Games and logs will show some of this - but join our Staff for some games so we can get to know you better *Ask one of the Head Moderators to join our clan https://dota.vision/staff/ Happy Gaming, Kakapo
  4. We had this on an earlier version of the bot before, and it would be nice to see this implemented again if possible. Leaver gold does not take into account hero picks, therefore ironically it can make a game even more lopsided. We should aim for quality in our games where possible, and having a higher rate of 5 v 5 skirmishes is a good step in that direction. Regards, Kakapo
  5. Sounds like this game just isn't for you, and you also don't sound like a fun guy to play with either. In regard to the Hero / Item combos you've mentioned; Battlefury is not that bad of a pickup on Mirana, you miss out on the splash, but you get good dmg and regen benefits for the cost. Likewise with Lina, I could think of many items that are worse than a Refresher pickup. Basher on Lion, ok a bit of an odd pickup, but did you explain or help this player out?
  6. Hi BehindU:) I've played a few games with you recently over the last few days and my thoughts echo that of Ominus's. Simply put, I don't think you have the paitence nor the attitude to be a Moderator. For instance, we played a game today and you accused me of not helping you while you were being ambushed. You immediately went to !votekick me. No one is exempt from mistakes and if such a small moment can make you flip the switch, then I'm afraid you are a long way off from being a Moderator. Regards, Kakapo
  7. Hi SuckerPunchSally, Thank you for applying to be a Moderator for the greatest DotA community that has ever existed. Now that you have mentioned your username I think I have played a few games against you. I'm usually online playing a little later than now. Are you US East or West? Keep being active in the forums and show the right attitude in games and your next application will be more successful. Regards, Kakapo
  8. Hi OVO-Droppa, Thank you for your concerns regarding map hack. As Crywolf mentioned in a similar topic posted earlier, we cannot act unless there are ban reports. I apologise if you have submitted them and they haven't been resolved. Both these topics have one thing in common though and that is there is no proof, no time stamps, no screenshots, nothing. You also accuse Staff being friendly with 'hackers. Again, no proof, but that is also a seriously accusation to make. If you were around prior to this version of forums, you would see that we have 0% toleration for hackers. Please do send in the necessary information via ban reports and will happily look after your request. Regards, Kakapo
  9. Happy Birthday Vampire
  10. Well it seems like you've stopped the gazelle from running over your landlines so you have my support.
  11. I always told you that this was your best name.
  12. You have my support as well. Time to step up and show us what you can do - how to react to situations and players will be critical here. Also, stop pinging excessively... That's my only gripe. Regards, Kakapo
  13. @kakapo Hey DotA Visionaries, my name is Ben and I'm 31. I live in New Zealand and we have nice mountains and plenty of sheep but our Internet sucks and it's expensive to live here. Workwise I help my brother run his mobile phone accessory business and in my spare time I like to play and watch football. Regards,
  14. Played a lot of DotA with friends via LAN before I started playing BNet, so I can't really remember my first game. We'd mostly choose the same heros (I would pick Viper since he had a powerful skillset and could solo most heros) like Sniper, Pudge, Knight Davion and Rikimaru, but we were all the same level so the games were mostly even.