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  1. Report player

    Sorted. Thank you.
  2. Stats Reset

    I can confirm, it was Graou
  3. Ban Tiny

    Banned for gameruin. Thank you for report.
  4. Report player

    Do you have timestamps for this 60 minute game?
  5. Hi friends, The International is an annual DotA 2 tournament, and it is currently underway. More info can be found here; http://www.dota2.com/international/overview/ If you are curious and wanna watch some pros play DotA 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/165139679?t=11h52m28s Now I don't feel back picking Bara, when the pros do it!!!
  6. Admin request

    Hi HazelNuts, Thank you for your application to become a Moderator for the greatest DotA community ever. As you know, we require more forum activity, not just playing games. Post ban reports and give your opinions on them as well. Give suggestions and ideas for the community and get involved with discussions here. Also play a few games with the Admins (when we not lag out, ok maybe only me who lags) and get to know who we are as well. One last thing, which I not accuse you of, but just some advice... Don't post for the sake of posting. Quality over quantity. Regards,
  7. Admin application

    Nice introduction, it's good to know who you are and what you like. But, please do tell us why you would like to become Moderator? Because you have free time is a little insufficient... What can you give back to the community?
  8. ApplicaChen For ModeraChen

    Hi Chen, My other question with your application, and I forgot to mention this in my first post, is will you have enough time for your duties? As you've mentioned you have a newborn on the way (if not already) and you will find out pretty quickly you will have 0 time for anything else, especially DotA. Watching replays as well as being active takes a bit of time, so my concern is that you could jepodise the time you could spend with your baby. I don't know if you want to reconsider your app until after you're settled at home first? If you can manage both, then by all means disregard what I've said. Regards,
  9. Storm- ban appeal

    I would advise not to flame / provoke / fuel as this a) disrupts your and your teammates game further, b) gives you less credibility when reporting a player.
  10. Plz ban for votekick abuse

    I've always felt this was considered an 'unwritten rule'. We want our games to be of some quality and the standard one player Mid is universally recognised, especially in apem mode. It is too disadvantageous to have two players Mid. The opposing player gains EXP (Level 6) and Gold faster, while having the same access to Runes / Bounties and lanes.
  11. ApplicaChen For ModeraChen

    Hi Chen, Thank you for your application to be Moderator in the greatest ever DotA community. You have been very active in the forum, for which we are very grateful for as it gives multiple benefits for our community. This is a very high point for you. You are also active in a timezone that does not have many Moderators (usually Binary and myself). There are a couple things that come to mind regarding your application. 1) Like Castel, we do not see much involvement with Ban Reports. It would be a good idea to post a few Ban Reports and give your opinion on others, stating how you would proceed or give additional helpful info. 2) Attitude is another, when your on a 'losing team' you are a little unbearable. It is rather ironic I am talking about a game where you played Ursa and you raged at fellow teammates deservedly or not (myself included). I would also state there is also no bad blood, probably just players feeling frustrated. My point is there will be times when your patience will be tested, and how to act and react to that is important. During that game, you could have mentioned, 'intels please place wards' etc for example. For whatever reason I had forgot, but communicating and how you communicate is key. As I always state in my replies to these topics, my thoughts are what I think, and I don't hide anything (good or bad), for the applicants benefit. So for now I am neutral. I wish you luck in your application. Regards,
  12. It's me Again :D

    Hi Castel, Not only be active on the forums, but post Ban Reports when you can as well. I haven't seen any from you (maybe your games are calm and have no ragers ) and post your opinion on other Ban Reports as well. Apart from that you have my support. Regards,

    Why are Techies, Meepo & Slark already banned? Surely if you're doing CM Mode you take your lineup and all heros into consideration? Just please don't ban Bara
  14. Enhanced Game View

    Cowardly - least assists?
  15. Ominus and `Bunek

    Happy Birthday!!!!111