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  1. Staff application

    Hello @Cow I know what Admin's do The point of you helping with some ban reports is to show us how you would solve them. What would you do in certain situations? How would you solve the issue? How do you remain objective? Maybe if a ban report has information missing you could add to it? Or you could verify an instance happened in the game? I can't spoon feed everything to you here. You have to take some initiative. Don't forget you can post some ban reports too, as we have seen 0 from you. Regards,
  2. Staff application

    Hi @Cow Thank you for applying to become Moderator for the greatest DotA community that ever existed! Your activity in the forum is good (I'm not sure about in game), however I don't see many ban reports or involvement in ban reports from you. Even though you have done this before, our rules have changed slightly, so it would be nice to see you providing reports or instances where the players are / are not following the rules and you guiding / telling them how to proceed. Another part of this is maturity. I get a feeling that you are not ready for this position so soon. My advice is to show us that you can objective and sensible in the forum and in ban reports. Regards,
  3. Bunek

    I'm guessing this thread is about the two ban reports @bunek correctly denied? @AraYomI How can we give you a single ounce of credibility when we see your replies to the ban reports and the creation of thread, not to mention your history of flaming? Why didn't you just ask him in PM why he denied your ban reports instead of making a rage thread?
  4. batnut, the worst admin ever

    It doesn't matter if he was an Admin or not. You treat people / players how you expect to be treated.
  5. batnut, the worst admin ever

    Your whole attitude is piss poor and you seem to complain about every single small thing. Your entire post proves that. Who said those creeps were yours? He ask you to stop swearing and you ignored him. Ban stays.
  6. Ban Appeal: openai_bot

    Hello openai_bot, Welcome to DotAVision. You are unbanned. Go to; https://dota.vision/sharedStats/appeals/ And connect your account. You will then be able to fill out ban appeal / report forms etc. Regards,
  7. At what stage are you allowed to enter the lane without it consider 'stealing'?
  8. Introduce my self

    Hi Drakonia[DRK] and welcome to DotAVision. Hope you enjoy your stay and our games here.
  9. Greetings from Taybard :)

    Hey Taybard, Welcome to DotAVision! I used to play Warhammer when I was a bit younger, but I had a look recently as to how the game is now and it seems they've made some huge changes. It also started to get quite expensive. Anyways, if you need help with anything or if you want to have a game, just shoot. Regards,
  10. 6 Minute Rax

    Why don't you go Sentry wards instead? That's probably the best build on her as well and like you said, they had no AoE, so gg.
  11. Ban request for THCIM

    You should check the last few ban reports, as there have been a few bans for flame. Banning in-game (for flame) can be tricky as this can inflame (pun intended) the situation and decrease the overall quality of the game (people arguing / flaming and not playing). Leavers are always handled by the bot and ban duration is automatically increased for every leave. I don't know where you got 2 hours for Maphack from? Is that a joke? You know from being a Mod previously it is !pban. Sephvroth has been banned in the past for flame and votekick abuse, like anyone else who does those things. But I don't see any reports for gameruin for him.
  12. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    @FALENGA_N Having two players Mid lane is not illegal, and perfectly fine. It makes absolutely no difference if it is easy mode or not. And if there are two players Mid, then most likely there will be 2 v 1 lane elsewhere. If you're looking at this game (from all the ones he has 'thrown') he and Lina actually push and grab Mid tower, while then going on to gank Bot lane. All I see is a spray with no backup. I do however feel @sephvroth that sometimes you are abit pedantic and report every single unnecessary thing (like the item steal for example). If players are uncomfortable playing with each other, then avoid each other.
  13. need unbane

  14. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    Thanks for that Graou! Now for the report... SK had only taken 6 clarities, and while this is technically item steal, it is immaterial and would not alter the game if they were kept, sold or given to each team member. As for the flame, yes SK had also flamed you, but you should not try to rev the situation up by saying things like 'do it' (in response to being !votekicked), 'say more' (after being flamed). This does nothing to help the situation. And even though we don't ban for having two players Mid, I have to ask what your intentions were to go there?
  15. scourge team vk abuse/flaming

    Thank you for the report. Sandking banned for Votekick Abuse & Flame.