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    @CryWolf because someone gets ban or reported and nothing every comes of it. you see them a few days later.

    @GriefCode @CryWolf

    @Miracium i dont really see why you have to be so rude in your comment. never the less you made a good point about posting ban.

    Hey! thank you all for commenting on the post! First off i wasn't directly speaking to any of you for being friends with hackers. Again i just wanted to get a good discussion going on this topic. Regarding the issue of admin being friends with some of these hackers i am not saying they know 100% they are hacking and blatantly don't ban. What i was trying to say is that a lot of these guys that i know are hacking are just friends with some of the admin. For instance, Buubs is friends with quiet a few admin. Which i understand because he has been playing here for quite some time. It's like how Mirana who use to be an admin was caught for hacking finally, but it took a long time to catch him due to the fact that he was good friends with the admin at the time ( bhenchod, batnut, and even kakapo). As well as Tynix was a clear mh'er and even in lobby's with admin they would straight out admit he was a mh'er but they were friends so it took a long time to finally get his ass for it. Also @GriefCode regarding a discussion we had the other day about having protection for the transfer of resources in game. I did my research on it with this newer patch and that's simply not true. I would like everyone to quickly google "neon maphack" you will find a page that offers, meepo bot, the newest maphack, transfer of resources, etc. Also i due know quiet a few players that recently have switched to OHS after being ban on bots like BK and ENT for hacking and even though some have been reported on here nothing has been done about. And finally regarding ban reports i requested a ban for a player a week ago who i know is friends with some of the staff and it's still pending. I even messaged another active playing admin to check it out and didn't get a response. That same admin i messaged just reviewed a ban report for hacking that came after my report and accepted it. I specifically messaged that admin knowing damn well he is freinds with the player i requested it for and my theory so far has been proven true.

    Hi, So recently i have been experiencing some serious issues with hackers. I'm not posting this to call anyone out. I'm also not trying to burn any bridges with anyone. The point of this post is to get a friendly discussion going about the clear abuse of map hack going on in OHS. I'm tired of one getting called a map hacker myself. Two playing games where there is a clear abuse of map hack. And Three requesting a ban for very obvious hackers and not even getting a response on it due to certain players being friends with admin. So please comment with your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

    funny this is he is right. i have ban reuquest and i have friends who have ban request top players for mh and you guys do absolutely nothing. its beyond obvious. you dont even have to watch replay to know how badly the "top player" abuse mh.its a joke now on ohs