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  1. Resignation

    Happy "belated" Birthday!
  2. Dead for Nothing

    I know in 6.85, you can also deny heroes if they are under the effect of invoker's meteor. If you time it, you can get it. I think this works if the heroes are under some dot effect (damage over time).
  3. Fat Pudge? Fat Pudge!

    That's a lot of hp I would love to have in LoD. Wait.. morph, adaptiveness(+20-40 something str), flesh heap, dismember, return (centaur passive). And dispersion combined.. Str manic gets killed by a silver edge.
  4. Usually I prefer people to watch the replay to be sure if it is breaking the rules. Some exceptions could be obvious like destroying all items or selling all items to ruin the game and certain intentional feeding. However, most of the time especially for maphack, I would encourage people to watch a replay before reporting. So I assume this idea is for obvious game ruin and not things like suspected maphack. For selecting who should be able to use this command, the next question is: Who should be able to use this command? Do we include everyone who has made good reports? I guess that's a check off. But what about people who wants to have access to this command? Do we need a section for people to request to have access to it? Or does staff pick and choose based on the behavior of certain players they see in game? Do we now have people who feel left out? I guess we do? I don't know. The idea is good if you have that point of view of obvious rule violations but in terms of practically (probably the wrong word I used here), I'm not sure if this would be a great idea if suddenly a bunch of people who don't deserve to use the command wants to use the command. For commands like this, I feel it's best to either give it to everyone or none at all. But again, that's my opinion and maybe you'll disagree.
  5. The main question is: What purpose would this serve? What if all 9 players thinks a specific player deserves a ban and they gang up on this player and get them banned. And if there is no valid reason to the ban, do we have to wait until someone reports this abuse? The only player that would do that is the victim. According to my last opinion, if they are not aware such forums exist, then one player could be lost. In short, I do not agree that the ban power should be in the power of the players. It can be abused.
  6. I'm going to give my honest opinion. I do like the idea to an extent. There are many users who are not aware there is a forum. I didn't even know until I got banned by being votekick abused. If people start seeing people using such command, then we can honestly expect more reports from players and that means more people who are breaking the rules that have no been reported because no one knows about the forum can now be investigated. However, like votekicks, this can easily be abused. There are already people abusing votekicks. If all it takes is a simple command to make a report, then someone can abuse it easily. I cannot think of ways to prevent people from abusing the command other than the fact that it shouldn't exist. Now another thing to think about is: Is this even possible? But I'm not here to make a statement about that though.
  7. Ominus and `Bunek

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Ban Yaph3ts

    Do you have a link to the game, there are a lot of games named -OHS- DotA apem #3 Edit: Nevermind I got it. After watching replay. Banning legion for 2 days for votekick abuse, flame, and gameruin (selling items and buy healing salves then leave) Banning pink for 2 hours for flaming back. Never a good idea to flame back.
  9. Ban Request Gaspari

    I don't exactly need a statement to know who made this post. Though you can think about why I chose to not handle this report and wait for other staff to give their insight. (2 thumbs up emoji with smiling face)
  10. Ban Request Gaspari

    The situation is debatable. Although the player being kicked is a furion and usually a pusher, most of the farm was in the jungle and not in pushing. If furion was pushing and the kick did passed, then I would ban. However, ultimate skilling being used on creeps and then happens to transfer over to enemy heroes may or may not count as helping the team. I've seen an incident at bot tower where furion used ultimate on creeps and it didn't hit towers which is why I don't think I should count it as helping the team. The first kick from pink was not the most bright idea but later on, I can see their perspectives and I do not think I should ban. I could be wrong so I'll leave this for other staff to give their opinion.
  11. Why not restart LOD on bot?

    It wasn't the first time unfortunately It's almost been a year too.

    Empire of Miracium would love to have a cow industry. Wait.. that feels wrong.. Jimmy will now be the 13th cow.
  13. [Intentional Feeder] carhauncho

    Not sure why you say invalidate the game when the game is considered a draw anyway. What's with the increase in amount of furion feeders lately. Banned 2 days for intentional feed.
  14. -OHS- DotA apem #9

    This is the second time I've seen such similar intentional feeding. Banned 7 days for intentional feeding.
  15. Nice words from a colored name

    I am pretty late on this. But anyways, and yes, my theory was correct. Notice how the name contains these characters |cffff0000 and then the tupac name. A while back WC3 made an update to allow these characters that were once not allowed. Therefore, this resulted in the creation of ocloured names. I'm not sure if it is the same as spoof names but that is the reason for why this name was coloured. Also, autoban was enough for punishment.