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  1. It wasn't the first time unfortunately It's almost been a year too.
  2. Empire of Miracium would love to have a cow industry. Wait.. that feels wrong.. Jimmy will now be the 13th cow.
  3. Not sure why you say invalidate the game when the game is considered a draw anyway. What's with the increase in amount of furion feeders lately. Banned 2 days for intentional feed.
  4. This is the second time I've seen such similar intentional feeding. Banned 7 days for intentional feeding.
  5. I am pretty late on this. But anyways, and yes, my theory was correct. Notice how the name contains these characters |cffff0000 and then the tupac name. A while back WC3 made an update to allow these characters that were once not allowed. Therefore, this resulted in the creation of ocloured names. I'm not sure if it is the same as spoof names but that is the reason for why this name was coloured. Also, autoban was enough for punishment.
  6. Do you have the game link?
  7. Ah yes, I wanted to send you a PM about it but unfortunately in the following screenshot, this is what happens. After I rejected your ban appeal, I was hoping you would do a little more research outside of the ban reports because for some reason, there exists ban reports outside of the ban reports section. In other words, if you would like to see the link, then here you go Otherwise, you could had posted your own thread.
  8. When I heard the word "haze", I thought it would be some purple theme.
  9. After seeing a ban appeal, I decided to investigate this further and double check to ensure I didn't miss anything. Turns out I did. Cinege also played a role in manipulating the other team but bara was manipulating his/her own team., not the other team And you on the other hand destroyed some of your items prior to the 2nd votekick. However, I'm still agreeing with my earlier response about the bara starting the whole problem by blaming you after "what happened at mid" and the use of certain slurs and other sorts of flame crossed the line. The remaining ban time stays for both cinege and bara. I'm going to let this slide but @chaosminiondon't just destroy your items. It's not just that. Just because someone else is breaking the rules, it doesn't mean you can go ahead and do it. That would not make you innocent. Regards, Miracium
  10. I was going to check to see if there was intentional feeding. But for some reason, when I try to load the replay, it doesn't detect it. If you got the replay file by any chance, that would be great. Otherwise, judging by the chat log, I would assume this player is simply "noob" and it's not worth the ban if that is the case. Even so, I will consider the autoban as the proper punishment and there is no need to report leavers for leaving.
  11. In regards to your first argument about no help at rune. If you watched the replay, you would see they were focused on trying to kill purple. Of course they may take attention away from you if they want to kill. Unfortunately they could not kill purple and you were left with luna. (Though I would see some unnecessary backing in your play, I'm not here to criticize your gameplay). In other words, this part isn't gameruin at all. Now let's move on to the flame and votekick abuse. From what I can see, it seems like a battle at mid didn't go so well and bara died along with some others. While you were at top just farming and pushing creeps away from top tower. Which is a decision that you make which is not against the rules and is not game ruin. It seems like they took the blame on you for the battle at mid because you were "farming/pushing" Again, my advice to you is to not flame back at them because that will make the situation a lot worse. Especially if you're threatening "bans" in which I do not suggest that. On the subject of bara, 13:02DOTA_TRASHCANSget fucking RAPED SHITTY AFK VENGE Fake reasons for kick. Well, I didn't hear something about this 14:52DOTA_TRASHCANSi'll alert apo/admins cinege!votekick luck Cinege initated votekick because bara told silencer to. I don't see much from pink from what happened to you. Cinege will be banned for votekick abuse. Bara will be banned for flame and manipulating the other team into voting and being the cause of the problem. Cinege, 1 day ban. Bara, 2 days. Regards, Miracium
  12. Hi, After reviewing the logs, I can say there are some things said that have drawn the line. However, my only advise to you is that if you're being flamed, it's best not to flame back (even though yours wasn't as bad as theirs) as it would only feed them more responses. Due to some speculations of game ruin from both sides according to the log, I will also need to see the replay but it is giving me a 404 error. Do you have the replay file by any chance? I'll be happy to process this after reviewing the replay.
  13. The download button is currently giving me a 404 error. Do you have the replay file by any chance?
  14. The old Zerachiel is still here. I think you already know though.
  15. It was not my intention to be rude if you thought it was. I'm only stating the points I felt i wanted to make. At first I just ignored it but after seeing some other posts, I needed to say some points. Especially that whole idea of not being able to prevent hackers.