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  1. No you don't
  2. The old Zerachiel is still here. I think you already know though.
  3. It was not my intention to be rude if you thought it was. I'm only stating the points I felt i wanted to make. At first I just ignored it but after seeing some other posts, I needed to say some points. Especially that whole idea of not being able to prevent hackers.
  4. Unfortunately, every bot will have some players hacking and you can't really prevent them from downloading hacks like maphack. We can only deal with them but it's not like we're here to observe games 24 hours a day. We have our own lives too but I'm not going to get into details about our lives. So you filled 2 applications with 1 post. The math seems to add up here. Oh, you got fogclicked 45 times? Where was the report then? So if person 1 gets robbed and person 1 decides to not report it to the police, then of course the police won't be aware of it. ( And one more thing, did you happen to notice that in game? That seems troubling) In other words, if you do not wish to choose to play here, that is up to you but keep in mind, there are hackers everywhere and you can't control which bot will hackers play on. Tough luck.
  5. In my opinion, it was a good choice to merge because the splitting can be a bit confusing, even myself was a bit confused with the differences.
  6. Who's going to remember someone who was active back in the LoD Days? Oh wait...
  7. So after two forum resets, all the threads about favorite items or embarrassing moments were deleted and etc. But let's cheer on, now we can see our favorite items and heroes! But that's not what this thread is about. Therefore, today I decide to create a thread to discuss our first dota game! We were all "noobs" before, so let's get started! Couple of things you should say if you want to discuss your first dota game in your life! 1. How did you find dota? 2. What happened on your first game? Now I know there will be people that moved from other moba games to dota and etc but you can mention that too! Anyways, let me talk about my experience on my first dota game. 1. Well I was bored of playing Warcraft III and I was a fan of the Nagas from the Night Elf Campaign in Warcraft III. I found this game called Defense of the Ancients. While I heard of dota, I didn't know this was the dota. I thought I had to download dota m yself to play it. Turns out I was very wrong. When I first joined the lobby and the game started, I said "This is my first time playing." 2. As soon as I said that, my team said: "Okay, we lose" Then I picked Slardar because it looked like a Naga Royal Guard (in which I realize, it wasn't!) and being a fan of nagas, that's my very first hero. The first thing I did was not buying items because I had no idea how to buy items and what items were. Second, I had 0 clue what the skills do and I read them and still confused. So I stomped nothing using Slardar's stomp. Then of course, I get killed a couple of times and then left the game. Then I never touched it for about 1-2 years. It was only a few years later that I started trying dota and lod. Now that I stated my first game, how about yours?
  8. Woah.... that's interesting..
  9. At least I still have the rules page saved, so that can be restored.