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  1. Resigned as Admin

    Just so all of you know. I resigned from admin position. Take care
  2. Sexual_Noob Apologizing

    Hello community. I'm making this post just to apologize for my behaviour, it's been a tough few days for me personally and I allowed it yo interfere with my admin role in the community and in game. Take care , be safe! Sexual_Noob out!
  3. ban for Lukakugonerape

    @bunek He also has a habit of picking furi and tp to enemies to feed on purpose and ruin
  4. Ban Request

    Hi Chazmo Thanks for the ban report, he is indeed a flamer. He was banned yesterday for the exact same reasons. I think it's time for someone else to handle this situation as he doesn't care. Perhaps a longer ban will be suitable for him. @Binary if you check yesterday's ban report by @Storm- for insulting him very bad after the via whispers. Give me your opinion regarding this matter @Binary. You will be notified as soon as we decided.
  5. @Binary Thank you for taking care of this.
  6. This is just #rofldotadrama #banned #flamers. I'm out, stop spamming someone else's thread, make your own. Have Fun.
  7. So, then I think it's time we post your flaming, you see. I have the game links, took photos which I forwarded to @CryWolf and after the game you went on with whispers. VK abuse is bannable for all of those who voted
  8. after flaming me in game for stopping VK abuse youstill come to the forums and swear at me here. So I will now pass this on to @Potm4Win or @CryWolf to handle you as you are still disrespectful for mere doing my job. Have a wonderful day @Nikolay
  9. If you are the guy I think you are, you deserved your 24h ban. Why don't you reveal your identity so that we can see your history. anyway, Kakapo lets guys get kicked cause its on the opposite team and there is a reason. One last thing, lately there has been a few of targeting the admin group. We will leave this for the superiors to handle. Thanks for the report
  10. Unavailable

    Get well soon bro, Im sure I can speak for all of the staff members here. The community will also understand the situation as your health and wellbeing comes first. take care
  11. We just swap with co admins in lobby cause we dont get a lot of time together. We understand your frustration and we apologize.
  12. Stats Reset

    Please reset mine
  13. Sexual_Noob

    Ola I will be back soon! Struggled with my dota after that new patch, now I'm busy with work. Have a good day noobies!
  14. Storm live gameplay

    @Buubs The situation has been handled by higher ranked staff with an open mind. Trying to prove something with some video will not do anything. Please stop spamming the forums and take your punishment as a man. @APO could you please take care of this or close the topic, not sure if I can do it.
  15. Sexual_Noob