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  1. Ola I will be back soon! Struggled with my dota after that new patch, now I'm busy with work. Have a good day noobies!
  2. @Buubs The situation has been handled by higher ranked staff with an open mind. Trying to prove something with some video will not do anything. Please stop spamming the forums and take your punishment as a man. @APO could you please take care of this or close the topic, not sure if I can do it.
  3. @CryWolf any news? ^^
  4. Well I was a bit of an ass back in the day, which led to me resigning because I allowed it to control me and yeah. But thanks for the support!
  5. Good Morning Well I'd say there is hackers but I'm pretty sure not much can be done without any valid proof. All these admins can work on is hearsay when someone accuses one another. Yesterday I accused someone out of rage for my team mates and realized that there is still some people who buys wards. Make sure you have valid proof, time stamps or even screen shots to provide a stable reason for your ban report. This probably won't make any sense right now but I know most of the staff here and they won't tolerate MH'ers here. Hope you find this usefull
  6. @Storm- you should come back, your bro is just ruining games! Have Fun
  7. @Storm- NOPE! Never! I would like to befriended again... FEEDER
  8. well if I didnt have manners... why wont you provide with prove please? Cause I was baited last game and kept my cool plus I had an admin there that can back my story but thanks for your opinion bro.
  9. Good Day Guys. Well I guess I have to state my whole background again as it is procedure that needs to be followed. I have been apart of the staff previously, had to resign for personal reason which changed my behavior in game. Anyways, Im better now and things are back to normal. I love to play dota and I know I can contribute to this community again. I've been playing dota for more that 6 years, I'm active in game and on forums and I know most of you guys here. I would like to join the team again? Hope this will be enough, if you have more questions you can feel free to ask me!
  10. Good Day Everyone! Some of you might not know it yet but it's @CryWolf who turned another year older. Happy Birthday bro! Hope its a blessed day, full of love and presents. May you be treated like a King today and appreciated for the person you are. Thanks for always having my back and supporting me through the tough times. Take care man and be safe!
  11. Thanks Feeders! Now I can personally OWN you all
  12. Good Afternoon Everyone. I've played some games, raged some noobs and made my point. Just registered on the forums again. Hope some of you missed me atleast? See you in games.