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  1. help me to get coloured name or i will cry t.t
  2. color me in black,coz i am black sheep here hahha
  3. hey grief tnx for unban even if it was too long ban for my bad behavior and i didnt ask unban but anyway ty i bet u missed my drama
  4. ...
  5. top list means shit,i could be 1st in 3 days if i had time and will to play ooops i did it again sorry :'(
  6. mmmmm grief ban meeeee and lose one of 3 decent players on bot hahhaha
  7. cmon i am baned from that chat shit cos using curse words and not offending anyone personaly but ur admin can call a guy nigga or other shit and be tolerated :'D cmon this is ridickiles .same rules for all on no rules at all .every word i said was true and u ban me where is freedom of speach ?
  8. actualy i quit drinking but joke on a side,realy no time for tour,also not interested
  9. told u allready "i have no time for a games"
  10. muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  11. unban greatjob guy he droped for no reason from ohs 59 i think
  12. hey grief,suck my robot balls change name to dota noobs only
  13. lol mate,fix the mouse or get a new
  14. thanks for tag mate, but i am in wc3 clan 4k not in those 3 mentioned
  15. actualy i want to ask staff member nicely to perma ban me because i have no more nerves for this stupidity here,this is not raged statement,and i want it so i cant fail on temptation and play here again.i know that you as staff member doing your best ,but you are doing totaly wrong,i wont waste time to explaing coz you wont listen anyway tried to help here but griefcode is allways the smartest guy,you are fool grief in you arogancy and you have no clue how to run this place,ask Batnut he is good guy i am sure he will help u.he remembers old glory of PDC and how their system worked allmost perfectly,maybe you can atliest look up to them.there actualy was rules,0 admin abuse,losing comands even if u didnt warn a guy before u mute him for flame.and there was no flamers there no leavers and no noobs,exept one guy called tesha who was so dumb that all people loved him that was real comunity ,this is just wanna be comunity. wish you luck,and one advice grief make good rules and stick to them with no exeptions,and dont be so soft on people specialy those who constantly break rules,ur admins are lazy,mostly good guys but lazy,even when they play they stack 2-3 at the time so 98% of the games are not covered by them.dont tell that they have life and no time for playing 2 much,coz u can allways hire more staff members with limited power