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  1. Stats Reset

    hit me for reset one more time plz
  2. Stats Reset

    reset me again plz,had a bad start with leaver 1st game :333 last time
  3. Stats Reset

  4. Stats Reset

    time to start new and fresh reset me
  5. Colored Name Giveaway

    help me to get coloured name or i will cry t.t
  6. Colored Name Giveaway

    color me in black,coz i am black sheep here hahha
  7. troll is back

    hey grief tnx for unban even if it was too long ban for my bad behavior and i didnt ask unban but anyway ty i bet u missed my drama
  8. PC Build

  9. lol xD

    top list means shit,i could be 1st in 3 days if i had time and will to play ooops i did it again sorry :'(
  10. lol xD

    mmmmm grief ban meeeee and lose one of 3 decent players on bot hahhaha
  11. lol xD

    cmon i am baned from that chat shit cos using curse words and not offending anyone personaly but ur admin can call a guy nigga or other shit and be tolerated :'D cmon this is ridickiles .same rules for all on no rules at all .every word i said was true and u ban me where is freedom of speach ?
  12. We're HIRING!!

  13. unban req

    unban greatjob guy he droped for no reason from ohs 59 i think
  14. Minor Update

    hey grief,suck my robot balls change name to dota noobs only