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  1. strange, i didnt notice mher for a while,now and then that nap with mepobot or what ever it is shows up but thats all. strange how raped people see mh everywhere
  2. Hi guys,just wanted to say public thanks to man of the words who promised and sent me realy great stuff from swiss I found this act very nice and wanted to share with all of you coz this guy deserved. Even if most of you dont care ,it made my day even better ^^ Big thanks to @yourMOMisUGLY Cheers mate and see you in game
  3. who cares about ENT,why people even paying attention to their yard.waste of time.
  4. i will check it ,thank you
  5. -OHS- DotA apem #3 won this game,vs high elo players,i didnt get points and they didnt lost points,this isnt first time i get cut for points,ive talked to batnut many times about it.why is this happening?
  6. that is exactly why ive said that,this game is dead ,even if you are pro no1 cares coz dota wc3 is dead.but there is no fun in playing with noobs mate,u got me wrong.i am not trying to be pro,i am aware of my skill,i just want gg
  7. dude its 12 years old game,how slow can you learn realy... U made me laugh good,also who say that decent players dont have life ? if u want to play good you need to focus on game and use brain,not mindless play and play all over again grief just do the that league bot which is allready empty for players atliest 1100+ elo and problem solved.there is so easy solutions for all the problems here but no1 wants to listen
  8. Yes binary we were all noobs,but 12years ago!And dont be fooled by them,they dont try to play ,they just roam map,not giving a fuck about anything ,not listening ,NOT WANTING TO LEARN TO PLAY.As i allready told you about my staff appeal deny ,i cant care less,because its only servers loss not mine,i am not power greed person.Also why even now and they my appeals coming,its because in periods of quiet this stuff acumulates in me in every single game! for 600 games here i didnt have more than 20 good games.and next statment is cool headed this bot have lowest players on earth,i can number good players on my fingers.And i spit on every single guy who thinks who is good player here coz raping this noobs here,they will never know what is good dota obviusly.You are overprotecting to noobs,better 100 decent players with 50-100 games daily than this mass bullshit. Rip PDC , also bye for a while coz i supose i will be baned after this
  9. Dont even try to say you should help them,bcz I DID,AND THEY NEVER LISTEN
  10. Ban all lesser than 950 elo,they are not noobs they are game ruiners! Its pain to have traxex with double yasha and double shadow amutlet,and lich with 3 robe of magi orb and 2 staff of wizardy,both no boots! And this situation keeps going every single game,and dont sell me the story that they are noobs and need to learn.THEY ARE GAMERUINERS noobs try to learn,they dont .they wont listen they wont to anything exept damn game ruin ! My dog can play in month better than 60% of this bot population,and this is not raged statement,that is fact.do allready something about it. I am sure that i am not only one who feels this way.Do i need every game to play with friends to be able to win? and i lose every single time not coz i am beaten,its beacuse team is doing stuff like that.Lowest skill bot on earth.
  11. Nothing new,i thout bkb triggers bug but oviusly not,because it happends to me when i die in bkb
  12. mepo aint broken at all,people just dont know how to play vs him,few time i played mepo vs good team and got beaten miserably people just dont team play and dont use brain to counter him.Anyway i think ive got my answer here,so this topic can be locked
  13. Hope that wont happend again
  14. I cant avoid that guy ,because he constantly changing name.as for reports ask Batnut i reported to him 4-5 times in same day that guy,also reported him to binary.they ban him and he just change name.
  15. and sure ominus ive played 70games and made 1450elo in a few days just to be reseted again....