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  1. Ban request for THCIM

    @krolm i will mate,last time i posted ban appeal that function didnt work so i posted here.got it ,no worries
  2. Ban request for THCIM

    in last game when i was sniper,and he was pudge,he was hard flaming me and mocking me even tried to votekick with no real reason.he was like look his funny items etc,and ofc later on i won that game alone .not sure how to post. https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=68220
  3. Hello :)

    i am active on forum daily,but lately no hard game ruiners ,only flamers but i use ignore comand i think i have proven enough in last few months,but as you wish.decision is yours.you need me more than i need to be staff member . Just wanted to be of help,if you dont need also cool for me .cheers
  4. Hello :)

    Hi guys,as you all know me i wont lose much time on intrudeucing.As you can see i dont make drama or bollocks anymore,i am completely changed man here and in real life.As expirienced player and ex staff member on PDC i offer you my service to keep this place clean.
  5. Stats Reset

    hit me for reset one more time plz
  6. Stats Reset

    reset me again plz,had a bad start with leaver 1st game :333 last time
  7. Stats Reset

  8. Stats Reset

    time to start new and fresh reset me
  9. Colored Name Giveaway

    help me to get coloured name or i will cry t.t
  10. Colored Name Giveaway

    color me in black,coz i am black sheep here hahha
  11. troll is back

    hey grief tnx for unban even if it was too long ban for my bad behavior and i didnt ask unban but anyway ty i bet u missed my drama
  12. PC Build

  13. lol xD

    top list means shit,i could be 1st in 3 days if i had time and will to play ooops i did it again sorry :'(
  14. lol xD

    mmmmm grief ban meeeee and lose one of 3 decent players on bot hahhaha