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  1. Hey @KUNKKA- my fellow compatriot! I've played a couple of games with you and you seam like a cleaver guy in general, but unfortunately I've also experienced some flame - never towards me, to me you're always nice - but against others in the game. For this reason I will not support your application as of now. It can be really challenging to always stay positive and judge fairly when people know you are a moderator and I'm not sure the time is right just yet. I agree with CryWolf though that you can try again in the future. We will consider your behavior on forum and in games in the meantime by reviewing replays. We will of course also consider behaviors from games from before as well. I think your reason for wanting to become a moderator is good, and i think you're mature enough (yea you ARE older than me) to handle a position as a moderator so let's see again in a month. Best regards Ahlstrom
  2. Someone from Greece really shouldn't accuse anyone of having someone else money, if you know what I mean
  3. Welcome back, @Sexual_Noob !
  4. Hi @Cassiopeia I've seen you in games every now and then, and I've never seen you behave badly in any way. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure being a moderator. It can be tough being a moderator with people spamming you on whisper, all the trash-talk in games etc. Would you say that you can keep your cool and judge fairy even in a pressured situation? If yes, I see no reason as of now not to support the application, but I don't know you well enough either to know if you can be trusted so we'll see what higher rank staff decides. Good luck!
  5. Me like
  6. Firstly: Nice idea @CryWolf! @Ahlstrom I'm Andreas Ahlstrom. Law and economy student with a big interest in stock-trading. 22 years old and recently married. No kids though pls. They're just weird for the most part. I used to work as a computer technician but still I don't get any of the hax @GriefCode is doing. When I'm not studying I work at a bank as a personal banker. I've been a staff member at Gamers.Host for approximately one year now. oh and @Graou: I've done 100kg raw bench press two separate times.
  7. Why didn't anyone tell me about this?
  8. I support
  9. Pudge wars 3v3 next time?
  10. also: women*
  11. yes
  12. @GriefCode sry for tag. I've had this problem too. If we could search for a specific game when making a report, that would solve not only this, but also when people don't create ban reports correctly so that moderators can (as an exception ofc) do it for them
  13. Hey. Next time, please post your ban-reports through the link in the top banner that says "ban reports". Or via this link: https://dota.vision/sharedStats/reports/ I've looked through replay and this is my conclusion: "crazywitch" will be banned for gameruin. We usually don't ban for going mid when someone has already claimed, but his behavior was indeed very childish and therefor I will make this exception. " king_con" will not receive any punishment. I saw nothing wrong, and he did not break any rules. @yourMOMisUGLY, please verify your account to make ban reports smoother in the future. Thanks for the report. @God_hate_us_all, I wont ban you from forum, don't worry. But I've given you a warning point. Please watch your language in the future! Have a nice week! //Ahlstrom
  14. Can you provide game-link? Or what is your battle.net-user name?
  15. Shit happens =)