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  1. don't worry my neg! it will be fixed!
  2. Yeah Kunkka is right, but honestly you shouldn't pay attention to that, it will sort itself out. Your real stats are still only linked to your own.
  3. I quad stack support this motion.
  4. I want white like the white ranger in power rangers.
  5. ^this has to be coded correctly, there is nothing wrong with leaving in a 3v5 game, but the ban penalty should be severely put on those who leave games as a 5v5 turning into a 4v5, then the player who is on the team with 4 also leaves, should receive a mild ban
  6. I think the bigger pressing issue here is the 'Approved' bans. I've noticed on at least 4 different occasions where the offender was clearly 'banned' however, a day later they're playing on the SAME account ruining games again and again. Are the mods just saying 'thanks for the report' as a way to pretend they actually did something? The results should reflect the decision!
  7. Tough call, I'm neutral at this point.
  8. I believe purger was banned more than 10 times and he's STILL playing and ruining games lol.
  9. ditto'd, i know folks including myself have complained and whatnot, but at the end of the day we're still here, and Griefcode as well as the rest of the staff have our standings
  10. all good
  11. Prolem is that it's dota allstars, the gameplay is changed overall with the different skills and whatnot. Negged for this one bra.
  12. Oh I put up a ban about an account that was specifically made to ruin games because he knew he couldn't be votekicked. this has got to stop.
  13. rofl APEM 4 lyfe, #miss-CMorganizedtryhardgames
  14. See this is the realest of the real yall. This community needs to thrive and without the fundz, it ain't gon get dat. Tellem GREEN