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  1. SO RAPE, I actually enjoy making bads rage then immediately point towards MH, ESPECIALLY RAPING BADS 1v1 MID not leaving lane once, 2ez.
  2. true maphackers need to be perma banned imo kids typically complain though if you gape them with good awareness and premonition based on momentum etc kids are still bad
  3. Everybody yeahhhh, yayyyyy yeahhh, rock your bodyyyy yahhhh, yeahhhhhhhh yahhhh, am i SEXUALLLLL UGHHHH so rape
  4. I will also apply soon, just gotta free up some time so I can devote to this community. Sexual noob will sexualize the community and I am perfectly neutral at this point for he brings forth an unprecedented level of sexual energy.
  5. US.east is a solid server and I actually get less lag playing on OHS through that.
  6. Sames, I could not view it. I gotta admit, was pretty excited!
  7. MMMMMMMM so rape
  8. yeah ent is retarded, now that griefcode finally listened to my suggestion that i gave about 2 months ago, having the US/CA apem host for canada/usa I've already got a good amount of friends playing on it and the environment is a lot more positive, hopefully not all of the ent arrogants come to OHS
  9. i agree the best solution would simply be each player has to wait 5 min to votekick again
  10. Sweet deals bra
  11. A bit of a question here... for @griefcode How does one access anyone's account and see their games/stats explicitly?
  12. Jimmy, I am like you, not an admin of this community or site, however, I must agree with the folks that spoke after you. It is annoying to have game ruiners constantly in games that go mid AFTER you have called mid solo/went mid just to feed on purpose or have people who go stats first on every hero just to blatantly lose. I've tried screaming at them, or even at times, try to teach them politely, but it does nothing. Even if I complained on here, there isn't a one shoe that fits all and the particular issues Dota.Vision is facing is far grand than some game ruiners. One of them is the lackluster stats/account overview of players, I can't even find stats or game details of my own account. The reason why I'm writing this to you is because if you look at the bigger picture, it's almost like none of the gameplay...actually matters, you can literally just make a new account every week and it wouldn't make any difference, therefore, when you see games that are ruined, think of them as it was never a game to begin with. I know this is a bit sad of a perspective, but in reality, it's quite true.
  13. No problem, I just saw it and it said test, I don't think people will have an issue. Cheers.
  14. Great stuff all around guys! #support
  15. lol crazywitch usually ruins games, surprised he's playing to try, he got banned several times in ENT due to throwing games