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  1. Admin request

    Definitely, not my issue. This is a job for staff employee. Have a great day. :-) Regards.
  2. Admin request

    Agreed. Please provide some relevant experience in Warcraft 3 moderating, plus contribute some ban reports / appeals. Be active on forums/bots and show yourself on a seen. Then I will gladly support you. Regards,
  3. Admin application

    Greetings, @KUNKKA- In order to evaluate and make a preparation and in a phase of becoming a mod, I will support you only if you follow @CryWolf `s post. Thanks, and wish you good luck along with your staff application, to help make this place better as community as fairness/respectfulness. Regards, Cassiopeia!
  4. ApplicaChen For ModeraChen

    Alright, my comment doesn't value anything at all but I'll give a try... Just to let you know something @RevoluChen Being a staff member is a huge-responsibility along with following rules and guidelines. Consider this as a friendly advice in good way. As for your conclusion whether you're capable of becoming an moderator is entirely, up to you as long as members and staff members gaved their opinion and votes for you. I wish you best of luck, dont screw it up. Regards,
  5. Happy Birthday Kakapo

    Also. Wish you the best pal. Even if it apart from two months. Regards
  6. Greetings, staff&community gamers, I am just in a pass so I'd like to extend my greetings, and wish you a wonderful gaming experience, and enjoy your lifes and with families. Especially: To staff members, @GriefCode Miss you buddy. :-) Sup? @CryWolf Miss you too man. How are ya? @OminusAlso miss you too mate. How are ya? @FmetniK How are you my friend? How's the kid? I'll hope your all fine and good. I'd be back in friday to saturday, hopefuly, - Germany is a good place for visiting. :-))) Thanks for reading this topic, wish to see you soon in a game and have fun till then. Mit freundlichen Gruß Cassiopeia
  7. Remove Bunek as admin!

    Get a life man. The guy is clean player and good admin. Regards,
  8. Colored Name Giveaway

    I like it. hit me up! anytime of the day.
  9. Why not restart LOD on bot?

    Grief um, you can set autostart for approx 4/6 players as also requires !votestart 4 players or 6 minimum. Due to nonefilling situation there is no guarantee that lobby will fill out. Regards,
  10. Stolen Account

    Stack. probably! :-) Well, he was trying to play with pre-caution and with smooth. I saw that guy "The_Enigma" or whatever is and well he was playing well. I pressume. Regards,
  11. Improved Custom Hotkeys Setup by WTVR

    Amazing. well done if you done this alone. Regards,
  12. Stolen Account

    This seems as a scam to me. It's not confidential enough. How is that possible? Oh, wait probably account expired, so he decided to spoof your account by creating a new one? That would explain everything. Cheers. Regards,
  13. Bnet Update 07-06-

    I told you from very begining of this maelstrom time's if you need keys (despite if you had I am still to give-away to you always). :-)
  14. how to become a pro

    You know what? It's okay this is Bullshitary Senction. Yes, my bad sorry for that. My ego drives me around.