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  1. Get a life man. The guy is clean player and good admin. Regards,
  2. I like it. hit me up! anytime of the day.
  3. Grief um, you can set autostart for approx 4/6 players as also requires !votestart 4 players or 6 minimum. Due to nonefilling situation there is no guarantee that lobby will fill out. Regards,
  4. Stack. probably! :-) Well, he was trying to play with pre-caution and with smooth. I saw that guy "The_Enigma" or whatever is and well he was playing well. I pressume. Regards,
  5. guide

    Amazing. well done if you done this alone. Regards,
  6. This seems as a scam to me. It's not confidential enough. How is that possible? Oh, wait probably account expired, so he decided to spoof your account by creating a new one? That would explain everything. Cheers. Regards,
  7. I told you from very begining of this maelstrom time's if you need keys (despite if you had I am still to give-away to you always). :-)
  8. You know what? It's okay this is Bullshitary Senction. Yes, my bad sorry for that. My ego drives me around.
  9. Would you mind removing this ad? O_o Well, not bad l also think if you want to become pro you have to be very good at playing not just at giving a theory but needs a deeds. :-) Regards,
  10. Connect your account? then make ban appeal. I think @CryWolf made his point by saying this dozens of times. No offense, hopefully weren't given. Regards,
  11. Can you be more polite and behave appropriately? Mr.Sweet_acc_pr0sa Greetings,
  12. Behavior please?
  13. Stop spam?
  14. @APO ? I think we should add some "Navigation" for Ban Report this way will ensure that forums will not be spammed by kind of reports similar to this. I mean you've performed a ban report / ban appeal format but why people making reports in another private and none-private sections hmm? Regards,
  15. @APO Lock it please? Thanks, everyone for such polite and kind comments. A grief is correct.