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  1. Well, certainly not a sexy color name but 5lenght it is so you can make your own choice with alias/colors :-) Regards,
  2. I will support you only if you (Diregarding stuffs like that in future ). Also there is a minor things which you need as moderator: Improve your manners/characteristic karma. Generally, attitude/manners you always need it. Behavior should be 100 % appropriate In high-pressure angerness do not fight back or answer every question to violator. Simply be yourself and dont let people throw you from doing goodness. Regards,
  3. I will support you only with one condition. Which is: You must also comply with certain additional rules that govern your use of the OHS/DV Services Harassing, stalking or threatening other users in the Game; Appropriate language, disciplinary measures, that means you follow them. In offensive or critical situations, please act accordingly to the ("General Player Conduct"). Healthy atmosphere is always a wonderful piece of energy and everyone like it. ( I certainly hope this does not insult you by any means). Wish you best of luck within your application. Hope you'll find your way more useful helping OHS/DV in future to modulate the "Quantity over Quality". Maintain server and establish a good improvements and progression here daily. Regards, Cassiopeia
  4. That's sad and sceptical. Silly for such strong community once. Regards,
  5. Happy Birthday. Estii Romania Regards,
  6. Appreciate. Very kind of you being mood and checking out such relevant information. Regards,
  7. I was wrong memorized. It was actually 0100 kind of huge to take. Regards,
  8. Indeed. Server Maintenance. 15/3/2017: 0100 GMT It should be back in less than two hours I guess. :-) Regards,
  9. New DotA version is welcome, here but I hope not the modified one. Oh, dont its full of crap keep the standard one trust me. I think -GriefCode sorted out already with such discussion a while ago. Regards,
  10. How to behave in situation like that? Simply, if its leaver, let the bot handle it by -Autoban or yet you can use a ban report form. Secondarily if there is a gameruiner abuser also report him. You can also use !sd , !scores to avoid potential harm or being wrecked by random ruiner or trolling player. I hope this tip is helpful. - Grief is right totally. Regards,
  11. They're literally very obnoxious and lacking of majority and maturity. Simple, as pee "LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE" whoever do that thing why just don't go away and mind his own business. Regards,
  12. You're truthfully correct here. Rumors are rumors so you canno't believe in nothing unless there is a hard evidence for some provided info's. Regards,
  13. Welcome, have a great time. Enjoy your stay. Regards,
  14. Ah, GMT+1 Indeed. Regards,
  15. You're marvelous and wonderful person, your historical brief and your hard-work really matter from past to present day. Most impressive past tense, story and your history is Thumbs up. Regards,