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  1. Make sense guys. I like your enthusiasm. Thumbs up!
  2. Visit this link: Fill out ban appeal form. We will not unban anyone without first filling the format. Also you can however create a ban report for you being votekick abused by the players. Here: Fillfull ban report template Regards, Cassiopeia
  3. Perhaps a glitch? Anyway see with higher staff members I assure you they will give you a better answer and find an solution in order to solve this out. Regards, Cassiopeia!
  4. Greetings, Shawn I will support you in a month only if you meet the requirements. Active on Forum Discord Application/Forum Mainly. Playing some games to gain your minimum games which are not required at some point but, would be nice to see. Demonstrate one of the ban report that you think is right, or not right, what our team need is a people with clarity, and skills/ability to handle and manage any issues with any forms of violations or abnormality. Attitude manners, tolerance will be asked here mostly, its our goal at secondary point. Wish you best of the luck. Regards,
  5. What the hell O_o
  6. Greetings, @DemPlayz Here is your stats: DotA Stats for [email protected] G: 20 W/L: 10/10 K/D/A: 155/97/147 C/D/N: 1488/116/436 T/R: 22/14 I believe that your very last on the Top list unfortunately. Regards,
  7. Hi, there You have to answer the following question: Try to be as much as specific as possible. What's your nickname? When is the last time you were played here at OHS/DV? We could, not find any games that you played under "DemPlayz" as I assume you had another account. Regards,
  8. You need skills/ability to manage ban reports, being active on the forum board, @Chat / Discord Application as well still not sure for your in-game behavioral generally speaking. Good luck, Regards,
  9. OR also create a new folder in your Warcraft III: As "Replays" Simply Create a "Replay" Folder and problem is solved. Regards,
  10. Hello, Welcome to DV/OHS! Enjoy your stay. I know what you're looking for its like a OHS PvPGN Client? Like DV Client? I am not quite sure if we had that but still you can join through the or over custom channel by following: /j clan ohs simply. I hope this is what your looking for fella. Regards,
  11. Nice work pal. :-) Regards,
  12. Funny question. It's Grief :-) Nice new Elo Rating mate. Regards
  13. I agree but also my method does work too. :-) Regards,
  14. Try to Swap Useast/Uswest? After one hour go back to net and it might work for sure. Same happen to me, it appears to be a temporary abortion. Regards,
  15. Thumbs up! I agree with CryWolf. Mostly some smurfers. kicked hell out of my as*. I played dozens of times with feeder players and I wasn't harassing them for being new to the game. (Not Judging) but, facts are speaking I was like them decay ago so now I am regular essential player but not the best. Accept it as it is. What, i tried to point out its just a game folks, dont let it affect on your emotions upset or frustrated you at any time at all. :-) Regards,