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  1. ENT Sucks

    They shadowbanned all of my accounts from Discord and forums for no reason. Arty processed my request to delete my forum account without posting in it and promptly deleted my posts that say anything about the shadowbans. What a shit community. So happy they got hacked and will continue to be hacked.
  2. Ent hack

    @BouncingHitman ENT is basing their entire claim on a story that Larz provided them. I was messing with Larz during a private chat and told him that I know who did it. Never once did I implicate myself in the conversation. I told him it was this guy named Phantom (this guy used to troll our Ventrilo server years ago, but hasn't been seen in a long time) and Agreements. I guess the story was convincing enough because Larz went and told ENT about everything. In aRt)Y and HazarDous' infinite wisdom, they figured out this grand scheme of how I and several others from here hacked their site to take down ENT and drive traffic here. This was all based on a made up story given to Larz. It doesn't help that we were spamming their channel while the bots were down (unrelated to the hack) so that we could grow our player base and play some DotA games while ENT was still down. Additionally, I trolled HazarDous from the Stealthbot in their channel about this being the downfall of ENT, etc. That was all purely coincidence and I, like many others, was confused when I received the mass email from the ENT hacker the next day. The chat that Larz handed over to them was not complete and was missing the vital component where I was laughing about the irony of the situation because how it looked. I'm still confused about how @Larz handled the situation because he handpicked chat portions that made it seem like I did this. Maybe it was a power play? Maybe it was for credibility with ENT? Maybe Larz honestly thought I did it? I don't know. But what's important here is that we don't convict people without hard evidence. This is why DNA evidence is so important in court cases. Prior to it, innocent people were being convicted of crimes they had nothing to do with simply because it looked possible.