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  1. gg @Buubs
  2. I wholeheartedly agree.
  3. i have made ban request for hackers, and they were banned for one day and i see them play still.
  4. @GriefCode thanks for the info. naw, dont change it, because its better this way. I am glad they merged i had over 20 kills and 5 or so deaths lol, although i lost T_T.. stupid imba spec
  5. This is off topic, but related. I played one east last night because of the downtime. Stat was 0/0/0 u know. Second game on east, my original stats back. Today, I came back to Europe, stat was 0/0/0. Second game, my stats are back up. SO the question is, with the same ID on different gateways, are my stats affected by both? Thanks in advanced for the info
  6. new version as in the one they play at ent or the new new at void?
  7. oh wow, i totally remember pudge wars from years ago. lets play!
  8. new version of dota fixes this bug i believe
  9. and when naix had to feast on corpses. good times!
  10. The first time i played DotA... 2004. My homie who i played starcraft with was playing it, so i tried. I was OmniKnight first game. He carried us so i remember being bummed i never finished my items. My favorite heros back then were definitely Razor and VS. Back in the day when you had to host your own games, and there was a 3rd party program called Fuckin loved it. it auto copied games your friends joined, and you can ban who ever you wanted to and be like GEDOUDDAHERE SCRUB! Played for 3 or so years, then didnt play for maybe 8 years, and recently got back into it. lotta new heroes and items!
  11. i see its a mac problem. not my problem then lol. thanks for info
  12. I don't see anything about my original questions. however i do see this: So from what you said Bunek, I will play with the understanding that it is not forbidden. Thanks.
  13. I am new to OHS, and i know the version used is still the old one where couriers can run over techies mines without dying. Is there a rule on this? Thanks
  14. @crywolf @potm4win how do i join clan?
  15. I see, clan channels are usually restricted. Will just meet in game! thx