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  1. im interested in playing. how to do it i dont know. you can host game? even in clan ohs, and we have many peoples its hard to get IH going
  2. I think this was discussed before. its bannable. why is it even a discussion?
  3. i always run as admin. i blew up my computer and bought a new one.
  4. I'm a nab. I can't update bnet because it says BlizzardPrepatch.exe - System Error The program can't start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I looked it up, its in my system folder, and i redownloaded the file and replaced it. Still same problem. any tips?
  5. YOU ZA LUCKY MON, going to the carribean, u see rasta?
  6. you can activate your smurf account when you are on bnet. it will show your previous game lists
  7. hakikatabuneomonakoim! if filling is a problem, it can always just be on standby so IH games can be played. Also, arem please...
  8. bump. can we ban [email protected]'s IP? hes game ruiner to the max. terrible, non cooperative, feeder.
  9. the victor of storm vs duflo?
  10. dis good news. I think we definitely need more active game playing admins, instead of the paperpushers.
  11. sweet team
  12. So i noticed that when someone leaves a game, or is kicked, the ELO earned/lost changes with the player that leaves. For instance, if a team with a player with a 500 elo player, lets say 1000, against a stacked team avg 1500. The elo change was going to be 5/25. For some reason, he leaves, or because he feeds like crazy was kicked, the elo avg also changes, and then elo change becomes 11/19, or whatever. I think its a bit unfair. The elo avg/change set at the start of the game should stay consistent until the game end, regardless of leavers. i dont know if i explained correctly, if you don't understand, I can try explaining again. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. im a fan of gajtan. best of luck to your team
  14. INTERESTING! I just made an screenname using that method and joined a non ohs game to check and it was indeed red.