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  1. it seems that most vids i have been seeing of PoV replays, players somehow hotkey the inventory. do they use a third party app that lets you program to say the first inventory to "q"? thanks for info. I feel like its a huge advantage.
  2. oh is this NIGG? smh. much more offensive name than @yourMOMisUGLY
  3. lot of familiar names. I wonder why djadja left he's always been good to play with. @APO doesnt look like NIGG has been warned well. flaming and insulting overload! 27min, 37min, 42min, 46min etc
  4. lol NOM NOM NOM
  5. and then he leaves the game. i will post ban report. it was a sad sad game with feeders. aiya
  6. I was just in a game that was autodrawn because an IAMLANKA talked some smack and left 1 second into the game. another player left which caused the auto drawNext game he is in the lobby. Obviously, the autoban doesnt work. can we fix it? I see this happen a lot.
  8. ic, that was you with the color name on void. swapping players and force drawing when your team had a leaver. i asked because it said greenmtn even if u are using name spoof.
  9. that doesnt make it special
  10. grnmtn are you Pain_ in void?
  12. no one is good enough for me? ..... T_T
  13. 1) i dont think autoban works because of what greenmtn said and what i have been seeing. 2) if autoban does indeed work, 2 hours is nothing. need to increase to 2 days or something. 3) penalties are weak.... leaving is a CRIME
  14. so in a pub game APO said if u dont have any friends he'll get you friends to play with. i have no friends
  15. when you guys "ban" are you just banning names or the IP? cuz banning a name is pointless.