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  1. Stats Reset

    I will not say anything to that.
  2. Stats Reset

    No it was non of the active usual members
  3. Stats Reset

  4. Free bot to host your games

    Thanks for the suggestion, coming with the new statspage It is a lot modular so things like that are easy to integrate Greetings
  5. New toplist is making further progress: Added "A/D" as wished. Load time is for all stats like 100ms. The data is cached thru memcached and expires every 60 seconds, so the second one loading the data will have it in like 10ms. Yey, first alpha version will be there this weekend. Probably no details overall, just the general pages. Also it has the new stats calculation, it may has not completed the full update until that.
  6. Fat Pudge? Fat Pudge!

    Hm... ppl start celebrating their pub stomping?
  7. Deleted from the game

    Yes it is. It is a bug I've noted for some time, I'm kinda surprised no one yet has noted it. Sometimes, a player is not inserted into the database, that is happening like in 1 out of 500 cases players. The reason is unknown, yet. I'm sorry that this happen to you, it is not recoverable, sadly. I will fix it very soon, but it is currently not my priority number 1. Greetings Oh and my first comment was irony. I had no time to reply completely.
  8. Deleted from the game

    Buying divines will delete you from games. Confirmed.
  9. Stats Reset

    I will do that soon. Any message I'm getting private in a stats reset will delay it for another soon period 😂👍
  10. And then, there was this: Bahaha. Oh, and the page is functional offline, except that data is may a bit older. And that's how it looks on mobile: You may note that this is no longer in a browser. It is now a standalone application 😛
  11. Too bad that it is difficult to decrease the TTFB. Nevertheless, 100ms is already a really good response. Normal websites have like 200-250ms on TTFB. As more you know as harder it gets, the 100ms TTFB is also the time that google.com has
  12. Just a small update as I advanced. Switching between pages are even faster than loading. It takes around 50ms. The whole toplist renders completely in 140ms. Oh and that are 100 entries Oh... and I am still working in dev mode, production mode can be even faster, as there some caches etc.
  13. Unban Request

    The famout friend excuse

    Sounds like a housefly . You ever wondered why they repeatly bounce against a window? It's simple. The housefly bounces against a window, and their brain can only remember certain things for less than a split second. They just forgot it so fast. The only thing remaining is, does the housefly think "Ouch my nose hurts" before it bounces again against the window? What was the topic? Oh yea right, It looked for sure like a purposeful delay of the current lobby to start. This why you are banned. Doing a mistake 3 times in a row, nah i don't believe you I don't think you are a housefly