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  1. We have something upcoming for that. Just be patient
  2. I'm the oldest
  3. Did you look into the chat? You most likely appear to be banned.
  4. Yea i got that feedback already yesterday. I will change it back to the previous system tomorrow
  5. Hey community, we made a minor change to the forum landing page. We now have instead the forums as default page an activity stram. Over the time we will add some widgets that will display our current status. We are also excited to let you know that a nice change is upcoming We think that this will be our new fundamental point to grow the player base a lot. Greetings, Grief
  6. Hey @OVO-Droppa & @NoStressDota, I've linked you both as I do not want to post the same thing on both threads. At first, we do not tolerate any hackers on our servers, but the common way is that people do not report anyone for being a hacker, if someone gets reported with a valid proof we will ban them from our servers. A valid proof is currently only a fogclick, as ingame actions can not be related for being hacks. That are random moments that can happen and can be lucky. Only someone who has maphack himself can judge someone for being hacking in game. Based on his knowledge and seeing someones playing actions allover. This is the common idea i'm getting when someone claims someone hacking but never provide a fogclick or suspicious actions with naming timestamps. Because these peoples report the players right away without event taking a look into the replay as they have more knowledge, based on their own hacks. And valid proof was definitly not given on your report: - 'Hacking' is definitly not enough also in the furthere comment section @Graou has brought up a good point why you might be wrong there. The toplist is also not a proof of someone being hacking. Having stats like 1000 - 50 (K -D) is fairly possible if you know how to play wisely and correctly. Just pick the right hero, the right items and you can always escape without dieing. Now the basic issue, if you are aware someone has an ALT-Account and is evading our bans, simple report them. Most people are aware of alt's and don't even bothere to report them as they think that we won't ban them. But this is simple not true. We try to ban everyone hacking and also taking care of alt accounts. But I'm not sitting 24/7 here to observe the games and watchout for alt accounts of a user in order to ban them all, as I am not a player on our bots anymore. As last topic, we do not ban anyone for maphack unless we are 100% sure he is hacking. If you suspect people for hacking, bring up a ban request with accurate evidence, and not just "hacking". Unless that I do not think that anyone reported is hacking. Greetings
  7. You are right. That helped me out. The app was under development mode, this is why it worked flawless for me, as I am the app owner and can use it without any barrier Thanks for the info, should work now.
  8. I've tested the whole process and it appears to work flawless for me. Could you show me any upcoming errors messages on the process?
  9. Partially @Graou is correct, thanks for that. Basically, our script is merging your stats, and it is by far more intelligent than you assume. In case you play under the exact name, case insensitive, under another realm, the stats will determine after your first game that you have played under another realm. it will automatically merge both stats of you and replace your realm with the latest one. This is not only done by the name, it additionally checks your country & ip & closed geolocation if that is matching. If a neighboor decide to play under your account on another realm, you are screwed And will need to contact us. Nevertheless, we will change it pretty soon a little bit as we are tinkering out something new regarding that and furthere upcoming sutff. Greetings
  10. Should now be working
  11. Hey community, You evet wondered whats next up for us? And what we do plan to make the community experience even better for you? You now can check it out on our future plan: We will keep it updated so you are aware of the status. Greetings, Grief
  12. Admin Control Options for bots
  13. DESC will follow once its announceable
  14. Same as server console, add more detailed stats for bots
  15. Toplist Add search function Game History for singly players Gamelist Support non-dota games Single games event history