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  1. Dafaq is linkens cheat?
  2. His own ranking system, with one player.
  3. What about having an option to sign and host a game thru discord? I am still working on transfering ENT's LIHL system to discord, we could use a similair system. Not a big deal to do that after I've done there so much already greetings
  4. Good luck with finding enough players, wont be that easy i think. Nevertheless, please do not colorize posts, I am seeing this: Thanks, Grief
  5. I support dis. Hacky birthday <- gosh that was a bad joke
  6. Happy bday
  7. Bots have been patched to the latest version and should be fully available. Currently Legion TD Hell is not yet connected to all realms. Greetings
  8. Lod bot has been started. pleade let me know if it should have another mode. Greetings, Grief
  9. I do not think that I will be able to fix the bots today right after the patch. The bots are patched tomorrow morning directly when I wake up. This will be around 6-7 am. Greetings
  10. Where is da proof?
  11. He is restricted from posting for 1 week on the whole forum.
  12. Dont ignore me. the moment you have restricted the posting ability for tryme and you guys keep bashing him 🤣 Wondered if someone notice it.
  13. @CryWolf do you think the same what i was thinking?
  14. Hey community, you might have noted that I was really quiet the last days, the major point was that I was rebuilding a whole backend structure for better development and easier deployment/controlling of the software. For thoose who are more interested, you are welcome to continue reading. For thoose who have fears against reading something on the magic place I'm working with, you better like this and leave The basic goal behind the whole rebuild was to create an easy central managment option to make development, bug tracking, task controlling, version control, continues integration, deplyoment and keeping quality standards easy. For this, I used mainly the atlassian software as this does provide 80% of my needs. So I installed jira, which is a project management software as agile system. Perfect for my needs. I cannot post anything here, as this is closed. As next part, I added confluence, which is software for collaborating software, create concepts, create documentations for internal and external purposes. As example, I quickly jumped into the concept of the new statspage: The whole concept is in a really early state. As you might note, yes, I am not happy with the latest version I've build. As further I got into it as more I liked what i created and as more I hated the missing documentation, code quality and missing unit tests. So I decided to enroll it again and this time correctly from the very early steps. For version control I am using bitbucket. It is similair to github or SVN softwares, except I can have it closed source. However, I got one public repository that is looking like this: There i have the option to review changes and search within the code. To test wether the whole application is successfully compiling, I am using bamboo to have continues integration checks, this does look like this: Bamboo is also able to run deplyoment scripts which are definitly used later on. Automatically deployment to all the servers with one click. Currently, It does not only compile the whole application, it does also check the code quality and transmit it to sonar: Sonar is a code quality checker and checks wether the code is well written and if it has errors that are not detected during compile time. (Yet I had 1000+ bugs which has been fixed). All the software described above is working hand in hand. It was a pain to setup but I finally managed it. Developing & Bug tracking should be a lot easier thanks to that setup. Grettings, Grief