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  1. Maybe there is already a solution how we can display the status: It was just newly released on the marketplace for IPB.
  2. I totally agree with you @LAPIO, even alone in this thread I can count tons of noobs
  3. Hey @LAPIO, we are aware of that issue, but we cannot change it sadly. It does no longer work since the 1.28 update. Some more issues around the worldeditor can be found here: Maybe on 1.28b as they announced this bug could be solved. Nevertheless, i'm thinking looking soon into the dota map generally to add some functionality that would be awesome for us. More details will be added on more progress on managing that. I have yet no experience into dota map and generally coding maps I managed already to unprotect it, yey. Greetings
  4. Thats one epic idea No, literally we call out ENT. We have no connection to them, oh wait, i saw some of their admins were online on our forum, i guess thats enough to blame them? Isn't it?
  5. Hey @Kev and thanks for the suggestion, we have something upcoming soon that will solve these issues. Details will be given by time. I am still working on the perfect solution for that and as we want to serve it as best quality it does take a bit time. Neverthesless the autoban time for leavers is already increased and is applied on the next bot restart. Best Regards, Grief
  6. No worries all is fine :-) Else it would not display you as top players. Prolly someone found a small bug within the script, im gonna fix it asap. Greetings
  7. Yes, yes of course this is the reason
  8. Sorry. We cannot manage this for you. Our datingapp didnt put any result for you...
  9. Could be possible that a recent change has done it. I will look into it. The activity measure had never worked. That a thing that is still planned, as activity is not only measured by games.
  10. We can have an own dedicated bot, I still got a lot spare keys and space for bringing up some bots :-) If i should finish IPS Stats 1.2 in the next week i can do a team/clan integration. Which will prior used to register a team on a tournament page for this :-) so all will be a lot more clearer. Greetings
  11. Please provide me feedback on the base of the topic. Prefereable on the other board. Greetings
  12. The tool to check players introduced yesterday does now also check wether a player is banned or not.
  13. Fixed that BnetCP was not accessable for some of the admins Fixed that guests could access the bnet account connection which would have resulted into an error anyway, but why allow access in first place? Background updates, owners have now a really powerful panel to execute ip range bans and permanently ban people on this servers. My goal is to provide software that is easy to use for everyone, also for us as owners. To give you a hint, here are some screenshots: Once again, this is a tool that can be accessed only by owners. As I know software that is used by other hosters I think we have by far the most easy system when it comes to our ban panel It takes us less time to ban someone than it would take someone time to update his IP Greetings
  14. Did you execute your warcraft3 as admin? I recommend you to ask on forums if you continue having issues. We cannot provide the support you can find there as we did not create warcraft 3 You can find the forum here: We are just trying to help, but we have also our limits. Most of the things you find here is searched on google and just copied over here I assume. Best Regards & Good Luck, Grief
  15. Hey community, most of you won't find anything helpful here except our mods & admins, but I think to keep up the sharing with updates here we go. The BnetCP is a general control panel on our website to control stuff like bans / checking players (new). It was initially made to handle also ban requests & appeals, but I found a better solution. Nevertheless, the updates: We can now lookup players, find common accounts based on direct ips, ip range & name checkup Add/Edit Bans do no longer include fields that could never have been touched (Bot ID & IP) The IP determination for bans has been updated, previously it was not working well as it took the earliest IP of a player instead of the last Added overview on recent bot actions Just as side note, as no point ever we think its necessary to share any information for moderators/admins that is not required. As for this, we do not share any IP addresses of players. Only we as owners can access and see them. To show you guys how power full the new tool is, here is a quick screenshot: As this is very sensitive data we have a strict rule that nothing from this page is and should be public shared. This does also include reporting if you find someone sharing these information. Happy Easter Days and get ready for ban hunting, Grief Oh, before someone is questioning the previous picture. I have cut off a lot of accounts, there plenty more on purger