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      Bot Debugging   10/20/17

      Hey community, I'm currently running some tests to debug some specific stuff, that will may result in bot crashes sooner or later. I'm sorry for that for now.
      This will increase the stability of the bot in the end. Greetings


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    As I have patched the bots today, this name is no longer allowed as previously noted already. People having pipes in the name will be kicked directly. Greetings
  2. Statspage changes

    Hey community, as you might note, our statspage is currently down. As I am advancing, I think it would be time starting on revealing some of the changes. The whole statscalculation has been rewritten and also stats for w3mmd games, such as legiontd, hlw, hvsa have been added. It is also now a lot more efficient, it is updating the stats event based. So, if a game is finishing, the game is directly calculated, without any delay. This does in the end also lower the transaction rate over the whole system. The whole toplist/gamelist has been updated to integrate all the stats. It is now also possible to view non dota games. As I did not advanced yet over all this, I cannot share further information on that. Just the basic that this has changed / will be changed. We are live. I mean we were always live, but now we are really live. I have created a live interaction bridge between the bots and the statspage. May some people remind the "Live Games" back the days, it is similair to it, but with one change, it was never really live. We were always based on recurring requests, that keep fetching data, using bandwidth of users and useless additional data. Thousands of requests that were not required or where only a minor part of the data was actually interesting. When you now visit the lobbylist you can see direct changes on our bots live. In the same second a user is joining a bot, it is visible on the statspage, same for leaving. Currently all bots on our second server have been started with that patch. Tomorrow the dota bot will be patched as well. To have a bit more insight i have 2 sreenshots, the first one will display the node of our bots: It does log anything you need to know about the current status of any of the bots. The second screenshot is the one you recieve once you are connected to our service, it does parse the whole stuff a bit in detail: This does also improve a lot of stuff at one point, due to that we will be able to add a lot of stuff that no other community can actually provide. We will reveal features from that once I advance in programming them. From the previous change, the whole notification system when a game has been started has been changed. Instead of having the notifications only when being on the lobbylist and viewing it, you get the notfiication now on any page of the statspage, so if you want to browse the toplist, you can and you will be notified when your game is starting. This is also now really live, no longer with an up to 5 seconds delay overall. I will announce once I procceed and upcoming features. Greetings, Grief

    Welcome to the forum @GodSaveTheQQs, you have been unbanned. Greetings
  4. Elo Script Transfer

    I finished the transfere and just enhanced it by a lot of stuff. This requires a whole recalculation of all games. As I can safely update only 25 games / minute without creating furher conflicts, we require around 46 hours. So it will take 2 days For that time, the stats are frozen. I don't want to have the other script running in the background with using the ressources. I will later update the bot script and deploy it tomorrow to work with the new stats script. I will checkout to update later the statspage working with the new score calculation, you can see the whole process then. All other games will have then also stats. The delay of 2 days is only present for dota games, the other games should be updated very soon as we simply have a lot less games there. Greetings, Grief
  5. Elo Script Transfer

    Hey community, tomorrow I plan to transfer the elo script for dota to a new system, this will require around 2-3 hours, as I need to code it up from scratch. During that time, the stats will not be updated. The bot will be still available and running. This will also greatly enhance the speed for games being displayed on the page. A minor update aside, today I have written the whole calculation for hlw, hvsa & legiontd mega. After the change tomorrow, the stats page will need a slight change as well to support all stats. Also the game list will have all games listed, not only dota. The bot is planned to be updated within the next day to support the new calculated score. I will inform you tomorrow on further steps. Greetings, Grief
  6. Statspage Gameview & small adjustements

    I made some recent changes that broke a bit the layout, will be fixed the next days. Also dark design is not available currently, but will be added back for sure soon.
  7. Bunek

    Yes, because i'm not a moderator :))) 2k mmr bot
  8. Bunek

    Smartass, you are a "Head MODERATOR" GG WP
  9. HVA

    Hey @RunningWild and welcome to our forum, We will see further if we will ban him from our service for flaming, a moderator will take care of your request very shortly. If you have issues like this, you can mute the player. Either on the bot direclty, with the ignore command: !ignore <playername> Or from the battle.net (when whispering) with: /sqelch <playername> Best Regards, Grief
  10. Maybe votbalance? Once the bot has the new elo scroing added it could be valueable.
  11. Green TD

    Hey, thats a good point, i never thought of it I will add very soon an update that should make the red slot mandatory. Greetings, Grief
  12. Resignation

    Stop scaring me you mofo 😀 Thanks
  13. batnut, the worst admin ever

    So he stole your creeps and you started flaming? First, since when you can call it your creeps? Do they have your name stamped on then or what? Second, how can you talk about someone being a bad player when you aren't playing better? Third, why you think that you are allowed to flame when there is no admin in-game. We have a clear rule set. Flame = ban. You even admit you flamed. Ban will remain as you clearly broke the rules. Greetings, Grief
  14. Statspage Gameview & small adjustements

    I've just fixed the offline mode for the new statspage. You now can use it with cached data on your mobile devices, also the pages should load faster as soon as you multiply open the same pages. If you have any issues connected to this change, please let me know. The offline mode has the major effect for people using mobile phones and being in a 3G network which is unstable, pages can still load without even having internet access, at least if the data was cached previously. Regards, Grief
  15. New Rule: Lane calling

    The guidelines have been updated.