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  2. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    you need to start reviewing all these games that seph has been trying to ruin when he purposely goes mid when someone else called or is there already, his intentions are to throw the favor in the opposing team and he knows this because you can't ban for going mid. kakapo, let me be real with you for a sec, do you honestly think someone who has played over 500 games (and more elsewhere/with other acc's) and repeatedly do the same types of 'mistakes' and then pretending ohhh I'm just new doesn't know that by going mid, they easily give the opponent the advantage with easy mode? he can think it's funny or whatever the reason, throwing is throwing. giving the opponents the advantage is throwing, regardless of the accused intentions, you as a mod should see past the bullshit when these players try to abuse your ignorance or innocence. furthermore, a team of evenly skilled players, with 1 such as seph going mid and throwing, disrupting the flow, and causing conflicts, is enough to ruin the entire game especially in mode APEM. I do believe you have the experience and judgment to recognize that Kakapo, so please, for the rest of this community, let there be consequences of these types of throwers, otherwise, it's going to steer people who want to play and win away.
  3. Hello :)

  4. Hello :)

  5. Hello :)

    Hi guys,as you all know me i wont lose much time on intrudeucing.As you can see i dont make drama or bollocks anymore,i am completely changed man here and in real life.As expirienced player and ex staff member on PDC i offer you my service to keep this place clean.
  6. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    Thanks for that Graou! Now for the report... SK had only taken 6 clarities, and while this is technically item steal, it is immaterial and would not alter the game if they were kept, sold or given to each team member. As for the flame, yes SK had also flamed you, but you should not try to rev the situation up by saying things like 'do it' (in response to being !votekicked), 'say more' (after being flamed). This does nothing to help the situation. And even though we don't ban for having two players Mid, I have to ask what your intentions were to go there?
  7. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

  8. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    please upload replay
  9. Yesterday
  10. flame/itemsteal-arayom1

    Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #82Offending player(s) lobby-number/color/ign:arayom1Time occured:1:40-item steal after techie left and hard core flame.Details(optional):
  11. daniell

    i dont see your ban so if it is still on your acc pls connect forum acc with daniell one, and create appeal
  12. daniell

    Can you please unban daniell, my internet stop working, it was turnd off by operator. It was not my fault. Can anyone help me and unban me. I wuld like to play some games thank you
  13. ban appeal

    can you please unban me, my internet - modem has stop`t working, it was not my foult. i fix it now. and i wuld like to play.. thank you..
  14. My DotA movie :)

    nice job ember sure have seen some familiar faces
  15. Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #24Offending player(s) position number: theblackmambaaaTime occured: 15 min and afterDetails(optional):he just game ruins, multiple pause game/save game. and flame, and feed and finally vk abuse. seems like he is trying to get banned. Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #24Offending player(s) position number: theblackmambaaaTime occured: 10, 14, 19,20,25 min mark multiple flames and vk abuseDetails(optional):he just game ruins, multiple pause game/save game. and flame, and feed and finally vk abuse. seems like he is trying to get banned.
  16. Last week
  17. vk abuse-ragequitter

    Til you dont fill all the blacks nobody will take care of your reports. (re)read

    plz (re)read the sticky on ban reports.

    Hey guys , its been 1 week or 2 .. Heyjude trolling everybody every game and always die , im not the only one to say that .. He just join game to lose it on purpose , its nonsense .. This guys is a big troll and need to get banned , thx !
  20. vk abuse-ragequitter

    Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #25Offending player(s) position number: ragequitterTime occured:Details(optional):
  21. My DotA movie :)

    I do sometimes but because im in the army atm i really dont have that much time
  22. scourge team vk abuse/flaming

    Thank you for the report. Sandking banned for Votekick Abuse & Flame.
  23. Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #95Offending player(s) position number: entire scourge teamTime occured:Details(optional): they got mad at eachother for some reason and sand king was also flaming
  24. flaming, vk abuse-VuittoN

    your inside jokes dosent belong in a ban report. please stay away from reports where you are not involved. Consider this a warning, next will be a mute
  25. flaming, vk abuse-VuittoN

    relax kakapo, it's an inside joke between me and sephy
  26. My DotA movie :)

    @AyyLmaoHey dude, nice video! Btw: Your Voker isn't bad, but I like more Ember's // Thanks for letting us see one more time how marxman and komsija got rapped lel. // and playing with snuf.snuf on ur side, thats kinda a cheat Thx for letting me see some old GSD/Drb faces. (Im btw Drb-Headadmin 'Bee' - took position of 'GOUDGOUDGOUD') You play now on OHS?
  27. flaming, vk abuse-VuittoN

    @sephvroth Thank you for report. VuittoN Banned for votekick abuse. @FALENGA_N Only post in ban reports if you have something constructive to add. No need for the pointless spam.
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