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      Bot Debugging   10/20/17

      Hey community, I'm currently running some tests to debug some specific stuff, that will may result in bot crashes sooner or later. I'm sorry for that for now.
      This will increase the stability of the bot in the end. Greetings

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  2. Staff application

    Congratulations as mod, Bee, I am sure, you will do a great work as on DRB, too. Seldom found such a mannered dude like him. Best regards, Berna
  3. Today

    As I have patched the bots today, this name is no longer allowed as previously noted already. People having pipes in the name will be kicked directly. Greetings
  5. Yesterday
  6. Statspage changes

    So sweet
  7. Statspage changes

    Hey community, as you might note, our statspage is currently down. As I am advancing, I think it would be time starting on revealing some of the changes. The whole statscalculation has been rewritten and also stats for w3mmd games, such as legiontd, hlw, hvsa have been added. It is also now a lot more efficient, it is updating the stats event based. So, if a game is finishing, the game is directly calculated, without any delay. This does in the end also lower the transaction rate over the whole system. The whole toplist/gamelist has been updated to integrate all the stats. It is now also possible to view non dota games. As I did not advanced yet over all this, I cannot share further information on that. Just the basic that this has changed / will be changed. We are live. I mean we were always live, but now we are really live. I have created a live interaction bridge between the bots and the statspage. May some people remind the "Live Games" back the days, it is similair to it, but with one change, it was never really live. We were always based on recurring requests, that keep fetching data, using bandwidth of users and useless additional data. Thousands of requests that were not required or where only a minor part of the data was actually interesting. When you now visit the lobbylist you can see direct changes on our bots live. In the same second a user is joining a bot, it is visible on the statspage, same for leaving. Currently all bots on our second server have been started with that patch. Tomorrow the dota bot will be patched as well. To have a bit more insight i have 2 sreenshots, the first one will display the node of our bots: It does log anything you need to know about the current status of any of the bots. The second screenshot is the one you recieve once you are connected to our service, it does parse the whole stuff a bit in detail: This does also improve a lot of stuff at one point, due to that we will be able to add a lot of stuff that no other community can actually provide. We will reveal features from that once I advance in programming them. From the previous change, the whole notification system when a game has been started has been changed. Instead of having the notifications only when being on the lobbylist and viewing it, you get the notfiication now on any page of the statspage, so if you want to browse the toplist, you can and you will be notified when your game is starting. This is also now really live, no longer with an up to 5 seconds delay overall. I will announce once I procceed and upcoming features. Greetings, Grief
  8. Votekick in lobby

    yeah, just had a game with him/her .. alright fellow, but the acct of his/her will be be as Poe once written, nevermore.

    you know, I'm going to bite the bullet and pban this illegal character acct on bases of he/she color spoofing as well as using illegal characters for his/her account
  10. Sup, I got a little problem, last two days one hard-gameruiner which use invisible names like ||| etc, trolling hard in game, the problem is that we cant kick him in lobby cause your system doesnt allow that, in game is usualy too late or even worse he plays with mate in same team and they dont kick eachother so the game is totally ruined, yesterday it happens 3x, now I saw him in game-lobby and we cant do anything to prevent his shits, cause we cant use vk. I saw that one player allready did a thread about the ruiner, not sure if u banned him and he dodge now or you didnt ban him, but he is ruining another games and its so shit that we cant do anything against in lobby to prevent it.
  11. Bring back the downvotes

    Oh i didnt knew that the downvote button has been removed. Yes i can agree some people here (BK members) abused the button to give another members (me) bad points. They did this as pure hate. So i think its okay that this downvote button isnt aviable anymore.
  12. I guess we''ll have to get accustomed to the fart counter then. (the retarded cousin of the downvote )
  13. Bring back the downvotes

    Downvotes button was removed because ppl tend to abuse it
  14. By removing the downvotes the voting/reputation system has been made redundant as there is no outlet of disagreement in the vote/rep system.. there is only .. unless there is a counter or some other counters besides the current 1-way only reputation counter, yeah there clearly is no use in having the voting/rep system. PS: In before
  15. Last week

    throwers don't give a fack about proper reporting rofl yo g.0.d how do you justify 450 games of you trolling first, because you deciding to try and play for real now and you're upset at trollers when you ruined SO MANY FACKING GAMES LMFAO props to you for dodging ban tho dat shit wouldn't slide on ENT
  17. Introduce my self

    Wow I thought floor ball almost exclusively only excised in Sweden It's a damn fun sport! Also. Welcome! If you ever have some questions or need help with something, feel free to contact anyone but me
  18. Introduce my self

    Teddy spamm master . How long its need for your first mod request here ? ^^ . So what the hell is going on why you dont come online in bnet?

    Game-link: https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=74212Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: SKIVOKER, |nl|ni|nl|ni|nlTime occured: Since start and every gameDetails(optional): Chen just trolling hard, viper not voting !yes when we trying to kick troll
  20. Introduce my self

    Sure come play. Need partner with me And i take everything easy, because life is only one! Need enjoy, and i need noobs like you!
  21. Introduce my self

    Welcome! Finally some1 with a worse English then me (Take it easy) Lookin' forward to play against 7-year doto-experienced-man
  22. Introduce my self

    Welcome @HazelNuts ! i hope you will enjoy time spent here ! If we can assist you with anything, feel free to PM me or any other staff members !
  23. Introduce my self

    Hello dear Dota.Vision community Since, i´m new member in this community, i would like to introduce my self. So.. I´m Patrik Dorička, I´m 16 years old. I´m from Slovakia in capital city Bratislava. I playing ice hockey, florbal and hockeyball. I´m player of HC Slovan Bratislava - Juniors ofc I like girls, hockey, sex. Without girls, are not fun or life! Just joking, and all of you know, girls are lovelly persons ( sometimes no ) Well, i traveled a lot of in WORLD. Was in Germany, Czech Republik, Austria, Croatia, France. I have a bad english, and i´m sorry of that .. About GAMES: I play Dota, sometimes Hvsa. I play dota from mine 9 years. I play too on bot BK - Ghostplay.de mine favorite heroes, are: Slark, sniper, meepo. Always carry, but i´m great supporter too, i play: Necrolyte, windrunner, SkyWrath ( only sometimes ) and Invoker. Another INT heroes play sometimes too. When i have bad day, playing all heroes. ( Need ruin some games ofc! ) Just joking. Well thats all i should have about me. Hope, you will see me in game, and we would have a great games! Good luck with community, and wish all good luck to new ideas into this community. Best regards.
  24. arayomi

    banned 3 days on forum
  25. Staff application

    there is no cow level Instantly Win Mission SC CHEAT CODE
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