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  1. Today
  2. Stats Reset

    @GriefCode could you reset my stats please "Pedram"
  3. Report player

    Sorted. Thank you.
  4. Report player

    It was around the 60th minute.
  5. Stats Reset

    I will not say anything to that.
  6. Stats Reset

    I can confirm, it was Graou
  7. Ban Tiny

    Banned for gameruin. Thank you for report.
  8. Report player

    Do you have timestamps for this 60 minute game?

  10. For you its a reflex for me to remove you from the lobby
  11. Report player

    strong. ez ban.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ban Tiny

    lmao this guy absolutely will not learn... btw funny how you were down to 700 elo yourself before i had to pban you. if there is just one spark left in your thick head, you should use it to overthink your attitude, or you will be banned everywhere you go.
  14. Ban Tiny

  15. Stats Reset

    pls reset my stats,i´m DOMINIK264 ingame thx
  16. Nice to hear, do you know approximately when the changes will occur ?
  17. Report player

    Just played a 60 minute long game and we had a panda that refused to play and was just standing afk in the base, we had our opportunities to win but it got a lot harder when he refused to play. https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=57771 This is his name and you'll find the game room above. newbie2
  18. Stats Reset

    was @Graou
  19. Stats Reset

    If we keep at it, we might be able to trick Grief into telling us who it was.
  20. Stats Reset

    No it was non of the active usual members
  21. Free bot to host your games

    Nah too busy with studies and personal life right now, I can wait till late September for that
  22. Stats Reset

    Deflecting? WAS IT YOU? ANSWER ME!
  23. Stats Reset

    it was @Graou
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