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  2. I agree, but my point still stands, @CryWolf said bug abuse is bannable, but seems to be drawing a line at Techies, but not Linkens.
  3. Maybe because techies is annyoing cunt hero. Anyone who picks that hero deserves to get his/her game ruined
  4. Funny, I dont see people getting banned for using couriers on mines.
  5. Is a glitch of the map, a bug. Bug abuse is banable. Simple as that
  6. But EVERY. SINGLE. PLAYER. can use it.
  7. the part 1 of my post was to see if i could gather around 20 peoples in a week ( that was my primal objective) which succeeded , i got 18 from ohs , around 15 from Clan HdZ (that already inhouse almost every night) and a couple from ent from my friend ( i didnt want to make a post on their forum to not create unnescessery drama) the part 1 is a SUCESS , now ! what i think is , the idea of @GriefCode is actually very modern and amazing . could be easy to fill the discord and do the ( switch from teamspeak to discord ) i work a lot this week ,ill be making the part 2 Saturday with something more Precise and adjusted to our needs . i would like to take any criticism either positive or negative , maybe that would help us in the process . it would be amazing for and all of us , thats for sure !! have a wonderfull day everyone! im glad people responded ! greiffings
  8. It's an unfair advantage regardless. The mere fact that you're able to retain an items unique properties without having to sacrifice an item slot gives you an overwhelming edge assuming you are able to use it to your utmost advantage. Simply put, this sort of exploit should be condoned.
  9. I hate to admit it but I kind of agree with this one. There are many glitches that may be exploited, some of them giving bigger advantage then others. Looking at it, I'm not sure if this one even gives you that big of an advantage, the only thing that's actually good about this is that you don't need an itemslot for the effect. Let's think about this for a second, Linken's Sphere is quite expensive, you need to give 5175 gold to be able to replicate this effect. The advantage you'll get is the active effect while you'll have an open itemslot for a new item, but when you think about it, that's pretty much it. You'll lose all stats from Ultimate Orb, all HP/Mana regeneration from Perservance and you won't be able to cast the Spell Shield on allies. I look at this glitch from this perspective - A person is pretty much paying 2587 gold to get the passive Sphere effect. I personally don't think this should be banable because, before anything, it's not a specified glitch (anyone can do it) and second, it pretty much goes into a grey area by itself, you can't find a way to negate it and furthermore, it can happen to people by accident (EliteShadow gave the example of how it can happen). In overall, this is one of those "You get what you paid for" situations and it doesn't change the game outcome in a drastic way, so that's the reason why I feel it shouldn't be banable (even thought I never actually did this). Also, you know how this usually goes, in case this becomes banable you'll have two types of people, one that will get banned because they did it by accident and ones that will continue exploiting it and then trying to justify it with a bullshit excuse (such as "I didn't know it's banable" or "It was an accident" and "I forgot that this will happen") making it harder to determine what to do and how to sanctionize. Of course, this is just my opinion but you guys are in charge and the decision is totally up to you.
  10. im interested in playing. how to do it i dont know. you can host game? even in clan ohs, and we have many peoples its hard to get IH going
  11. I think this was discussed before. its bannable. why is it even a discussion?
  12. Today
  13. So if I get linken in mid game then sell it in order to get another item that helps me more in late I can be reported for bug abuse? Lol I know this isn t the same case, but the results do since in my scenario i'il get the linken buff too
  14. This. Someone ban that Mofo 2 days for bug abuse. I'm not at PC atm @bunek
  15. It's an exploit which gives players an edge over others that isn't part of the game. That being said the said exploit should be frowned upon as imo it is a bannable offense. Also, judging from the replay, the said player seem to know what he/she is doing judging from the way he/she plays. Ie. knows how to last hit both enemy and allied creeps, know how to juggle neutrals, how to dodge. From this inference it can be deduced that he/she knows that what he/she is doing is an exploit not a lucky mistake.
  16. it is not only a disatvantage for bara -> its a disatvantage for every enemy player btw its a rule of ohs to dont use such bugs --> further --> rules are for all same and if some others use it too, so they are lucky cause no reports
  17. Tbh linkens does not really prevent bara from charging a target since charge doesn't have its normal cd after breaking linken. In addiction to this as I stated above linkens bug is commonly used so I don t see the point in reporting a player for that lol
  18. @smart 's claim is valid. okm8 waits til Linken's shield refreshes and immediately sells it after. more info on Linkens glitch via youtube:
  19. Lol he lost 2 games as bara, both against me hahaha
  20. it's an exploit where you make linkens and sell it immediately after and you'll have the Linkens spell block effect without needing the item.
  21. Dafaq is linkens cheat?
  22. i hope it is the right one LastReplay.w3g
  23. Here's your game link: Items on game link doesn't show because game ended in a forfeit. If you have your last replay still, may you upload it?
  24. Reporting a guy for using linkens bug, which is commonly used by almost everyone here Must say your name isn t apt at all
  25. -OHS- DotA apem #1 2017-06-26 13:00:25 I dont know why, but ban Reports doesnt works. Gamer okm8 use LINKENS CHEAT! First time we realise at min 30 (i chargend and it doesnt works - if i look at inventary no linkens exist) thx for your time admins
  26. His own ranking system, with one player.
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